tired of trying?
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angel_azn - January 5

i ahev been trying for almost two years now and i get very frustrated...i have an irregular period and i am taking pills to get it every month...i cry alot and i take it out on my husband...sometimes i feel like he's not helping or he doesn't try hard enough because he doesn't like to have sex...after seeing who go pregnant or just seeing someone's baby with them i can cry the whole day...let's say i cry alot...pls halp someone...


kotkot - January 6

angel .. it is just the nature of men . do not push too hard on you husband , he will get to know one day that there is a problem and you both are involved on that . we all are on the same boat .. my dh starts to show alittle care after my first miscarriage .. he realises then that we do have a fertility problem, he is now much more encouraged to company me to the doctor , ready to have multiple sex on fertile periods ( the thing that i used to beg him for on last cycles) .. i do excuse him, men has their own nature of being so optimistic and regards such issues to be a kind of silly things. so hang on there and be a strong woman. tell me how u were diagnosesd? what tests u did? and what is ur major problem? wish u luck


angel_azn - January 8

thanks alot...at this moment my period has stop...it started on tuesday to wednesday and we did the deed both days and then my period stop...i don't know why but i have a dr appt on wednesday...very worried...but also very excited and hope for good news...


kotkot - January 9

hey angel wish you luck on your appointment. believe me we are all on the same boat .. i also cry when i see its happening easily to someone else.. plz keep me posted with the dr appointment results.baby dust


angel_azn - January 11

i will...it's tomorrow and i'm can't sleep...but thank you...


angel_azn - January 13

i'm not pregnant...when the dr told me i started crying and i told her that i don't want the pills anymore, i also going to stop trying and that it'll happen when it happen...and then i come home to find out that my sister is pregnant and due in june with her ninth child...that made me even more stressed out and frustrated...but i'm more calm now though...bye..



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