Tired of the Waiting game month after month
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Bekah - August 2

I am 28 and me and my husband have been ttc to almost 1 year. I have very irregular cycles and don't know from one month to the next what to expect. My last AF was on June 19th prior to that I skipped a month and was having big time preggo symptoms or so I thought. I had actually made an OB appt schedule for the 23rd of June and of course by then I had started my period. The Dr told me to come in anyway and get a check up. In my 4th day my Af was really unusually heavy so much so that I was dripping on the floor when I was in the OB office changing my clothes(sorry for the details). The Dr told me that I may be having a MC and it was to difficult for her to tell with all the bleeding, so I took a preg. test(blood test) and it was negative, so just a very heavy cycle. I did the fertility work up with her the following week and she said that there was no apparent reason for me not to conceive, that everything looked normal and my DH sperm test was normal also. But month after month I am always late for AF and I always think that I could possibly be pregnant and I never am...so here I am again on 8/2/05 and my last AF was on 6/19. I am so afraid of buying more HPT> I have already spent tons of money on them already. I am having a whitish CM d/c that is not stretchy I do find in on my underwear alot more now than before and have had mild upset stomach but nothing to pin my hopes on. Anyone in the same boat as me? I mean one day I guess I will get preggo just keep trying I guess..


Krystle - August 2

I too had irregular cycles and never knew when or what to expect. Have you thought about trying ovulex or fertility blend? I have been on ovulex for 2 months. I am starting my 3rd bottle tomorrow. I am not pregnant yet but my cycles are regular now and accordng to my charts have been ovulating regularly too. I thought about trying fertilty blend but decided I would try ovulex first because of the money back guarantee. So far I have no complaints! DH and I are amost finished wthour BD marathon this cycle. I should be O'ing tomorrow and then its off to the dreaded 2ww. Keeping my fingers crossed for you..me...and everyone!!! baby dust to all


D, - August 3

I think it's time for you to find a new doctor or for this doctor to refer you to an RE. To say there is nothing wrong when your periods are so irregular is stupid. She either misses a piece of the puzzle or wasn't thorough enough. Seriously, after a year, you need to see someone who can do a more thorough workup.


pam - August 3

Hey, i'm not online alot because i'm waiting to either get my computer fixed or get a new one. I've been trying to concieve a baby for sometime now. over a year. If anyone knows of any over the counter stuff, fertility supplements, herbs or just anything at all that they really believe works, please let me know. I'm so tired of month after month going by. I'm really hurting for a baby, so badly that its really even hard for me to talk to my best friend who is pregnant. If anyone has any good info please email me @ [email protected]
Thanks and good luck to you all.


Bekah - August 3

I think that my DR meant that she couldn't see anything else besides the irregular period that would affect my chances of getting pregnant meaning that was probaly the cause. My next step after trying again for a few months is to try Ovuflex or Clomid.


Lena - August 3

Bekah, there are so many reasons for a woman to have irregular cycles. Most family practitioners and many ob/gyns only use biopsy, palpation, and cultures in their diagnosis. This barely touches upon the many things that can cause your cycle to be irregular. D. suggest another doctor or an RE because bloodtest and u/s can find underlying causes for your problem and create a course of treatment. Many of these are treatable. With your current situation your odds of becoming pregnant are left to chance and its hard to pinpoint your ovulation. Further troubling is your DRs suspicion of a m/c based on heavy flow on cd4, especially since your last cycle started only 9 days prior to this one. I only have an MS in repro and I can think of several strong reasons why a person with irregular cycles would have two heavy AF only 9 days apart. A m/c wouldn't even be on the radar. I'd save my money on HPTs and put it towards a consultation with an RE if I were in your shoes. Your pregnancy journey could be very long with your present physician.


r - August 3

i have irregular cycles so i never know when my period is going to be so far i am on day 35 and no af usually they range from 23 to 29 days i have done 4 hpts all neg so im beginning to think i am som weird freak coz every month i have been ttc i am sick of hearing neg its been 13 months now


Bekah - August 3

Thanks for your responses. I did get an ultrasound with my work up and both the DR and radiologists said that my female organs looked very normal. No endodemetriosis or tumors or anything like that. The only thing that I have working against me is the fact that 2 of my maternal aunts never had any children because one couldn't conceive and the other kept miscarrying. One of my maternal aunts had a tubal pregnancy with a ruptured tube and was able to conceive with one tube. [']p; -a


Bekah - August 3

...But both my mother and sister have had very easy conceptions and no problems delivering either. My mom thinks it has something to do with heredity. Can it?


Lena - August 3

You Betcha!! Hereditary plays a very strong role in pregnancy and conception!


TS - August 6

Bekah, I just spent the last 18 months being soooo frusturated with irregular cycles! But now, thank God, I am on track! I take Vitex everyday, and I used natural Progesterone cream for several months. You can get both from a health food store. Read up on both on-line if you are interested, look for info from Dr. John Lee. Vitex works gently on the pituitary to help with LH, the hormone needed for ovulation. I was never even ovulating, just having crazy long and sporatic cycles. Now, thru temp. charting I know I am ovulating, I know it's because of Progesterone!!! Good Luck!


Jamie - August 6

Bekah - I would also try charting your BBT's - I was the same way that you are with irregular periods and being late. I spent so much on preg. tests that I could have bought stock in them! To make a long story short - I charted my temps for four months and realized that I never ovulate. So now I just started my first round of provera and clomid. I am hoping this takes care of the problem. Good luck and don't give up!



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