Tips to getting pregnant
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Shania - June 23

I have been trying with my b/f of three to get pregnant for the past yr & 6 mths. I know that I can get pregnant because I was before but not with him so could he be the problem what methods to do guys think we shold try.


hara2326 - June 24

do you know when you ovulate? cause that is when you're goung to get pregnant and dont have sex everyday because i heard it can decrease the man's sperm count. good luck because i am trying with my fiance.


Liznette - June 24

Hi shania i had the same problem with my boyfriend it took me a long time to get pregnant with talking about years..well i went to the doctor and she told me to try get pregnant the day after i finish my period, thats when you star to ovulate and i did get pregnant...she told me is 14 days ,like you count the 7 days that you got your period and the next 7 days you try....i had my period jan1 for 7 days and got pregnant on the 14 exactly the last day to try...always count 14 days like if you get it for 5 days you still got 9 days.well i hope you get pregnant soon.good luck.


faith2 - June 24

You may want to buy an ovulation kit at CVS or at a local pharmacy. This will help you determine the day you ovulate. You should have sex some days before ov, the day of ovulation and it doesn't hurt the day after ov



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