Tips on increasing sperm maturity, etc.?
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Rob - September 16

My wife and I have been trying for several months now to get pregnant. First time for both of us. Are they any tips as to what I can do to increase the maturity of my sperm and so forth to better my chances of getting her pregnant? Boxers? Avoiding hot showers, etc? I need clarification. I have already had my sperm tested and it's fine.


KellyN - September 16

Hi Rob! Good question. I too would like to know. My dh is a little on the low side (17-just barely under normal). We already know about the not taking a bath and wearing boxers stuff, but is there anything else. Does anyone know of particular vitamins that can help?


Nans - September 16

Hi Rob and KellyN...Zinc is very helpful for a lot of foods that contains Zinc and vitamin C..


meg - September 16

which food does have zink???


Lena - September 16

I'm not sure what you mean by increasing maturity. During spermatogenisis, individual sperm cells divide themselves. One of these two sperms will go back in to the replication process and the other will be ejaculated (or reabsorbed by the body if not ejaculated.) They move through the epididymis until mature at which time they are ready for ejaculate. Boxers and avoiding extreme temperatures will help you maintain sperm motility, morphology, and live count. Is that what you were interested in? Maintaining a balanced diet, avoiding cigarette smoke, alcohols, and drugs will also help.


sona - September 16

Rob you can buy a natural vitiams at any health food store, you can get them for men and women. I know the GNC stoe sells them.


miranda - September 16

ask your dr about precare husband and i are both on it..


miranda - September 16

sorry...its a vitaman that helps prepare a woman for pregnancy and it improves the viability of sperm...


hi - September 16

try a multi vitamin and 1000mg of vitamin C daily.proven to help.


stephanic - June 23

Nowadays men are facing problem of low sperm. This can be because of several reasons. However this low sperm can be harmful for your sexual life. This really matters a lot when sperm count is less. But good news is that you can increase your sperm count. Many natural ways or vitamins and minerals or even supplements are available that helps to boost sperm count and quality. See more on:


Asella - July 20

I think that only vitamins can not solve the problem. I will not slander. However, this problem must be solved comprehensively.
Perhaps you need to add a healthy image to your life. For example, fitness, yoga. Even the morning run will not hurt.
Also, look at your food. Perhaps there is an answer.
But it depends on you.
I'm happy for you that you will not give up. Excellent. Keep it up. I am sincerely happy for you. So keep going. You are waiting for success



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