tips for conceiveing quickly
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shaan - November 30

hi im 19 yrs n im just married ...n i tried for 6 months for getting pregnant ,,but no use ,,im having regular periods n also v used to have sex during my fertile periods ,,so plzzz tell me wat n all i sud follow 4 conceiving ,,,,plzzzzz reply for my quest ,,plzzz tell me wat n all i sud follow


KellyN - November 30

You are really young (I am 36 yo). They say for those under 35 not to go to the doc until you have tried for 1 year of ttc. Sounds like you have the ovulation timing figured out. Are you taking temps? Are you observing cm?


susan - November 30

She's not really young. She's ripe for pregnancy.


ashlee - December 6

SHAAN: oh girl, i wish i knew tips to conciebing quickly.
you know what SILONEE, its not a crappy story, and its
NOT too young to be getting worried about not concieving BECAUSE i too am 19 and have been trying for 10 months now. ive had 1 miscarriage in june which has upset me tremendously. i have been with my partner for 3 1/2 years and we want this just as bad as someone in thier 20's or 30's. i think 19 is a perfect age for bringing a little bundle of joy into the world. adn to 'ANOTHER ONE' i believe this IS a real issue ok. my partner and i are psychically, emotionally and financially ready for a baby. my heart breaks more and more each month as i go through month after month of disapointment. it really shatters our hearts. i know 10 months may not be anywhere near as much time as ALOT of you have been trying, but it still hurts just the same. so have a bit of consideration. posts like the last two can realy hurt other peoples feelings. this is a forum for supporting one another, so if you dont think a post is a 'real issue' just dont reply instead of making insensitive remarks ok. leave it for the kind people who are kind enough to give their support and CARING thoughts!!! thankyou.


rachel - December 6

i too am 19 and ttc. i havent used contraception ever but it i never wanted to conceive...this is my first month of properly trying to conceive......i was in a car crash last sat could that be the reason i did not ovulate?


ashlee to rachel - December 6

...maybe? ask ur dr. so u havent used contraception and you havent wanted to concieve?? how does that work? lol. maybe i read it wrong lol i dunno. so are u sure u didnt ovulate? it may have been because the accident with all the stress and that, who knows. but yea, your best bet is to go to your doctor. At least then you will know what is really going on. good luck


MuzikGurl - December 7

Hey, I'm 23 and married for 6 months and my husband and I have been trying for year and from the beginning we knew we would have problems..I've always had irregular periods if any at all...and the doctor I did see gave me provera it worked...then metformin supossedly he said I had cysts...and then one round of 100mgs of clomid but, I knew something was up when I was getting so sick on the metformin so I stopped without telling him and then he never checked my levels at all even after the clomid so, I refussed to see him again and changed drs. now I'm with the dr. would actually help my mom get pregnant with my and my brother who is now 27 yrs. old as well as my cousin who is 30 yrs. old maybe a little bit, he has to be doing something right...and now he's having me start over and told me properly how to chart my temps..the other drs. never even mentioned that all he told me was to just lose weight..he even pushed the issues about surgery to help me lose it!!! I'm like no way! this dr. I'm with now is very nice and respectful as well as knowledgable...and he makes we feel very comfortable..he did mention I need to lose a lot of weight I'm about 315lbs. so, if I'm gonna lose it ever nows the time...and I'm fine with that...and he said to chart my temps and I'll have a sonogram soon to see if my cysts are still there and so forth...DH will have semen analysis within the next month or so...previous dr. never even asked us to do a semen analysis...!!!!....hubby wants to sue him but, I'm not gonna push the, here we are now starting all over and hopefully if I chart accurately and everything maybe I can actually tell if I ovulate on my own or not..and if I do no need for clomid...if not..then we will start on's all about waiting...the ol' waiting game...


Lori - December 8

Dont mind those mean people.I am here for you and the other nice girls here are to.Sorry you are having so much trouble conceiving i am too.I am 20 been married 7 months and ttc for 7 months.So i know exactly how you feel.


bump - December 11




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