Tipped uterus
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taneka - August 10

My doctor told me that my uterus is tilted backwards an we have been trying to get preg. for over a year but can I do to help my chances of getting pregnant


Anna - August 11

taneka, I don't know what kind of treatment is done for your problem, but what your describing sounds like retroversion(uterus tipped backwards) or retroflexion(uterus is significantly flexed backwards). Do you remember if it is one of these? Did your doctor give you any info. or advice on your problem? If not, I'm sure that there is some site that offers info. on it. I'll keep my eye out for anything and post you if I find something.


Anna - August 11

Hey, I found a good site. You should check out http://www.americanpregnancy.or
:) Hope this helps! ***BABY DUST*** to you!


Anna - August 11

Sorry! Don't know what happened to the address-it's kind of messed up. It's http://www.americanpregnancy.or


Anna - August 11

It did it AGAIN! Just don't put a - in between the or and g. Don't put a - before and after the l in html.


Jen - August 11

I have the same problem and my Dr. told me it may be easier if he came in me in the "doggy style" position and stay like that for a few minutes after. Don't know if it will work but, I will definetly try it!


kris - August 12

I have a tipped uterus also, and I have had four children, so don't give up. We did nothing special to get pregnant.


taneka - August 12

Yeah he said retroversion(uterus tipped backwards) thanks


lanmi - August 27

does anyone have any tips for getting pg with a tipped uterus



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