Tipped Uterus
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Lisa - September 19

My doctor said that I have Tipped Uterus and it might be problem for me to get pregnat. Has anybody knows anything about this problem? Thank you very much :)


Faye - September 19

I was told I had tilted womb (same thing I dont know) but the advice I was given was to keep my hips tilted and elavated after sex and at same time do pelvic floor excercises.


GG - September 19

Tipped Uterus does not keep women from getting pregnant.
Often with a pregnancy and delivery of a baby, the uterus goes back to the normal position.
You could have painful intercourse but it won't prevent you from getting pregnant.


Faye - September 19

By the way I have to agree as above it wont stop you getting pregnant I have 3 children and ttc no4 but it could give you a harder time giving birth.


Lisa - September 19

Thanks a lot for your answers! I was so sad since my doctor told me about this! But I feel much better now :O)


KD - September 19

Lisa...I have a friend who is 17 weeks pregnant and she had a tipped uterus--it just took her a little longer to get pregnant--about 9 months....naturally though.


Becca - September 21

I have a inverted (tipped) uterus and I am ttc and my RE has said it would be no problem. I also have PCOS. I did my 1st IUI this month and am on the dreaded 2ww


annette - September 21

Even i have a tipped uterus, i am ttc, and my doc said it would not be a problem. hope things turn out well for all of us


Michelle - September 21

I have a sister-in-law with a tipped uterus and she has had 6 children with no diffuculty. I don't know if there are degrees of tipped uteri that may cause a difference in some women. Did he tell you why it would be difficult (the mechanics of how the tipped uterus will make it difficult)?



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