timing wrong??
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marge - April 15

My husband I have recently started tring for a baby. Last month I posted b/c there was some random bleeding that turned out to be ovulation bleeding, is what I'm told. I have been looking at the calendar on fertilityfriend and I think it's off for me. I just started today. My cycle is typically 26 days, this time 28?? When do you recommend trying? Thanks so much for any input!


Tracy88 - April 16

I love to use ovulation predictor tests because it takes the guess work out of the picture. I take it you started your period today?? Am I understanding your post correctly?? If so, on cycle day 10, I would start to use the kit (you can but them at the drug store-not very expensive) and continue using it until you run out of pee-sticks. That way if you ovulate early or late it will catch your LH surge and you will know that it is time to have sex with your husband. Also, I experience ovulation bleeding every now and then, it is common. I just spoke with my doctor about it actually. It is quite normal. With a 26 to 28 day cycle, you probably ovulate between cd12 and cd15. Each month it can be different, so but the OPK. You will not regret it. Good luck!


Tracy88 - April 16

That was supposed to say, "so buy the OPK"



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