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Dee - January 23

i was told by my dr that i have a tilted uterus . my dr told me that mine is not tilted back very far and that it shouldn't be a problem for me to get pregnant (that was in june 05). it's now been 2 yrs and 3 months of my dh and i trying to conceive and still no pregnancies. i was wondering if any of you have a tilted uterus and if you have gotten pg, how long did it take and what did you do to get pregnant? did you have any medical help (ie: hsg, lap, meds, etc.). any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


RR - January 23



Ann - January 23

My mom had a tilted uterus and she had no problems getting pg--she gave birth to 3 healthy kids!


dea - January 23

Cousin and Sister-In-Law have titled uterus. They both gave birth to healthy children. (Each has had 2). No problem conceiving. Only one had a bit of struggle with delivery. The other-no problems at all. I agree with RR- get some tests done. Info only helps. Good Luck...DUST


bj - January 23

I know a lady with a tilted uterus, and she has 6 kids, so yes, there is hope!!


Ann - January 23

Did your dr suggest running more tests? Over two years is definitley long enough to start checking into other causes. I agree with dea and RR that you should have some tests run.


me too - January 23

I have a tilted uterus. it is tilted back. I am pg now. Dr told me that tilted uterus would not be a problem, but I was not ovulating on my own. I took clomid (only once) and got pg. Maybe there might be other factors. have you and your dh been thoroughly tested? Like sperm analysis, HSG, etc.


Dee - January 23

thank you all for answering. so far i haven't gotten tested yet beyond normal blood work. i've been having problems with the dr's office that i've been going to and have recently started looking for a new dr. i figured i would ask the new dr to do tests once i see her. that's why i kind of wanted some feed back on my condition so that i would know what to talk to her about when i go in. i have found a couple of web sites, but mostly ones that are based from a dr's office that does corrective procedures...none that tell a lot about what a retroverted uterus is and what problems can stem from it. unfortunately that's the problem with most websites...they dont really explain anything in depth. thank you again...i really appreciate you all giving me some hope on this matter. good luck to all of you and i hope that all of us will have a bfp by the end of this year!


Ann - January 23

Dee, I didn't want to be too blunt before, but the fact that your dr didn't suggest some testing after you have been ttc for 2+ years would be a huge red flag to me. I am glad you are finding a new dr!!


Dee - January 24

Ann ~ dont worry about being to blunt. :o) yeah, that's one of the reasons i'm finding a new dr...that and the fact that my insurance sent them a form asking if they had seen me as a patient before and they wont fill it out and return it so that my insurance can pay them, is also why i'm finding a new dr. they have been threatening to send me to collections for the last few months and i keep telling them to fill out the form and send it back and they'll get their payment, but they never do and i just keep getting notices in the mail. i really hope that everything turns out to be ok though...i'm getting nervous. it's not like the first time i went into the dr and didn't know i had a problem...this time i'm going in there knowing i have a problem, so it's kind of hard because i know that i might get worse news now. i just figure, if i expect the worse, it might not end up being as bad as i imagine it will be. well thank you for being blunt this time. :o) i do appreciate it because it's an honest opinion and that's what i need right now.


Ann - January 24

I know what you mean about being nervous and admitting there is a problem. I am going to see a RE this Wednesday for the first time. Dh and I have been ttc for almost 2 years now. My ob/gyn is great, but I have passed all the basic tests (Oing on my own, FSH/Estradiol normal, and HSG to show tubes clear). It is tough realizing that it is something more complex!! I also think that knowledge is power, however. I hope you find out something simple that can help you and your dh out soon!


Dee - January 25

Ann~ hey how are you doing? good i hope. well good luck with your dr appointment...i really hope all goes well. are you and dh getting tested or just going in to talk to the RE and figure out what you are going to do? i hope there's no major problems...hopefully it's just something that meds can take care of. good luck. well today is cd 10 for me...so let the baby making begin. i think we are going to bed every night starting tonight until cd 15 and hopefully that will work this time. i dont want to get my hopes up, but i really hope this is my month. it would be really nice to start out the new year with a bfp. ok, well i have to get back to work...i'll talk to you later. good luck and lots of baby dust!!


Ann - January 26

Hi Dee. We just went to see what we should do next to the RE. The RE appt went ok. I really wasn't too impressed with the office. I had to wait for an hour and 15 minutes (not good because of work this week). I felt like the dr just kind of went through the motions. He gave us all the statistics on clomid w/and w/o iui, injectibles w/and w/o iui, and ivf. I am redoing all the tests in case anything has changed. They also do the post-coital test and an endometrial biopsy (I am terrified of it). I am also doing the clomid challenge test, so I have to give blood again on day 10 (went to give blood today). I am also supposed to do the follicle series to see how the follies grow (although the person at the office tried to make it for the wrong day and couldn't understand what I was telling her that it needs to be cd10). When I talked to the dr, I understood that we would do an iui this month but the post-coital would be the same time (not possible for iui too unless using frozen sperm). So now I have no idea what I am doing. It is really frustrating and depressing. How are you doing?? Are you going to see another dr soon?


Dee - January 27

hey Ann. yeah i know what you mean about them taking you through the motions...they kind of make you feel like your just another name on the list and another dollar in their pockets. i dont like when they make you feel that way because whether they genuinely care about your situation or not they should at least act like they care. what is involved in an endometrial biopsy? i've never heard of that before...is it kind of like a laporoscopy? did you decide what exactly you're going to do(clomid, iui, etc)? so i'm kind of not understanding what you're saying about the iui and post coital test...are you supposed to bd the day you're doing your iui and is that why the post coital and iui are scheduled the same day? that's a little weird...i'm lost on that one. well i am good...today is cd11 for me so now it's time to bed bed bed for the next week. i am feeling a little under the weather today though...i hope i'm not coming down with a cold. :o( as far as finding a new dr, it might have to be put on hold because i might have to find a new job now. my boss has been being a total witch and has been on my case about things that have nothing to do with my position and trying to tell me i need to start doing more work or i'll be stuck where i'm at as long as i'm with this company...i pretty much told her i do way more than i have to and i'm not doing anymore until i get a raise (i've been working here for 9 months with no raises), so we got into it and basically i'm not happy here and it's causing me a lot of unnecessary stress. so we'll see what happens. take care and good luck!!


Ann - January 27

Hi Dee. The endo biop isn't like a lap. I've had a lap and you are totally under and don't feel a thing. It isn't even that bad after you wake up. The endo biop is done w/o putting you to sleep. They go up through your vagina and put a clamp on your cervix then stick an instrument up into your uterus and take a tissue sample. I asked a question on the board about how painful it is and both people said it is bad. I don't know if I can do it...the post-coital test has to be done when you are ovulating and so does the iui. For the iui, you have to wait for 3 days before providing the sperm sample, so both can't be done unless you have the sperm frozen. That is too bad you have to find a new job. I hope you get a new job with great insurance! What do you do?


Emily - January 27

I have a tilted uterus and got pregnant within 1 month at age 28 and within 2 months at age 30 and within 1 month at age 34. good luck to you.


Dee - January 27

goodmorning Ann-TGIF...we made it through the first tww(waiting to O). oh, i see what you mean about not being able to do the iui unless his sperm is frozen...i didn't know you had to wait three days. the endo biop sounds horrible! you cant tell them that you get anxiety or something so that they can put you under? i would definitely have a hard time going through something like that...i started crying right before they put me under when i got my wisdom teeth pulled(they hadn't even started to do anything to me yet)-i know, i'm a big baby. well right now i'm working as a receptionist at a title company, but they were supposed to give me a promotion to be an opener (you open the orders for the office)like 3 months ago. about 30 people left the company though, so they kept me as the receptionist and had me start opening orders from the front desk. then yesterday my boss came up to me and said all that stuff about how i need to do more work and that's why i told her i'm not going to because they were already using me to open orders and have never given me a pay raise or a commission check to compensate me for the work i've been doing, that i dont actually have to do. and if i would be an opener i would be intitled to about $500 more dollars a month. i dont know what i'm going to be doing now, but hopefully something where i do have better insurance and better pay. what do you do if you dont mind me asking? also where about do you live? i live in las vegas NV...i was born and raised here or like i like to say born and stuck. :o) i love this town, but in the last few years a lot of people have moved here and traffic is horrible. i would love to move to a small town, but i've been so spoiled here it will be hard to live somewhere that everything closes at like 9pm. also my hubby works in construction and makes good money so we cant leave for that reason as well. well today is cd 12 for me...hubby and i beded last night and probably will be every night until monday just to make sure we cover my fertile time. hopefully that does the trick and af stays away this time! ;o) alright, well i have to get back to work now so i'll talk to you later. i know you're on like cd 11-12 right now so good luck to you this weekend too!! hopefully next month we'll both have a bfp to report.



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