Tilted Uterus
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Erin - February 28

Does anyone know what effects a tilted uterus has when trying to concieve?


Renee - February 28

I have one also. Mine is tilted back, which is the less common way for it to be tilted. My doctor said it will not effect ttc, but I have read that it may make it a little more difficult, but not impossible.


Lynn - March 2

I was told a long time ago that mine tilted "slightly" to the back. I ahve read on many sites...some docs think that it has no impact on ttc others say it doesn. I came across one theory that actually made some sense: becauase the uterus tilts to the back, when you are lying on your back, hte cervix actually tilts a little towards the ceiling. this makes it possible for the semen & sperm to actually "pool" behind the entrance to the cervix instead of swimming right in... this theory said that you should try either "doggy style" and then laying on your stomach for 10-15 minutes after or having the man pull about 3/4 or halfway out right before he ejaculates so that the semen actually "shoots" into the cervix. My husband & I are going to try the doggie style/stomach thing this month. Been ttc for the past 2 with no luck...


jane - March 9

My uterus is tilted back - the sonographer said about 30% of womens are. I have 2 children planned and they took only 2 months to conceive each time. I am now unexpectedly 8 weeks pregnant with our third child. The only advice I had when trying to conceive was to place a pillow under my hips, and to remain like that after intercourse for 5-10 mins. It did'nt seem to matter for this one though.


chelle - March 9

if it is any consolation Erin. I have a tilted uterus and I am now 7wks pregnant. I also got pregnant last august. Unfortunately, Iost it. It had nothing to do with my uterus though. Keep you hopes up!!!


Shaneithia - March 9

Erin my uterus is tilted and I was originally told that we had to use certain positions to obtain pregnancy. My current doctor told me that was not correct and that while it may be a little difficult to get pregnant with a tiltled uterus, you CAN get pregnant. I was told to do it from behind from the first doctor, but we conceived by doing it laying side by side. I think it also depends on how serverely tilted your uterus is. If it is severely tilted you'd know cause you would have pain and discomfort. good luck ttc.



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