Thyroid problems and Fertility
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akm - April 10

I just went off the pill in January and we decided to start ttc again after a miscarriage 2 years ago. Well, I haven't had a period since Februaury 1st (cd 68 or something now) and I went to the dr and he took one look at me and said that he didn't think I was pregnant (I'm underweight and also not having many symptoms of pregnancy). Well, I took a HPT anyway and it was negative. So I assume that I am not pregnant. I'm going to have bloodwork done this week to test my thyroid (it might be overactive or something apparently). If it is a thyroid problem, how is this going to effect my ttc? When will I ever get my period again? And will I ovulate sometime before I get my period? I'm confused. What can I do to try and get pregnant? This is just so frustrating.


marymo - April 10

Hi akm, was your doc doing any other bloodwork, besides your Thyroid? and do you ever use the OPKs (ovulation predictor kits)? to see if you have a surge?? Have you been trying for 2 years? and also, is your doc checking your progesterone?? I only ask, because you can have a m/c if your progesterone is low. I myself think its my Thyroid causing all my fertility problems, and YES there is a link between thyroid and infertility. I am hypothyroid (not producing enough), although some people gain weight, I have not. Im just very tired and achey. Ive been ttc for 2 1/2 years now. I already have two children without no problems and was dx with hypo right after my daughter and then I think that it all went "to hell in a handbasket" after that. Ive read when you have your Thyroid checked, make sure they do EVERYTHING. Ive only had my TSH checked, but I called my doc and want my T4, T3 and Thyroid antibodies checked. They say a "normal" level for hypo is 2-3, mine has been at 5 and Im on Synthroid. Ive also read in order to conceive they want a TSH level at 1 or lower in order to conceive. I hope this helps a little. Ive been through it all already, Ive seen my OB, an RE and everything checks out okay except for my Thyroid. There may be many more other blooddraws you want to have done to check why your not conceiving.



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