Thyroid disease and pregnancy
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Beth - March 28

I had a m/c on March 3rd. I have an enlarged thyroid, but as of 6 months ago, the blood tests did not show that my thyroid was hyper or hypo active.... just simply enlarged and Dr. said to have blood drawn yearly to be sure symptoms do not develop. Has anyone found out specifically that a miscarriage was due to thyroid irregularity?! My mom is convinced that there could be a link?! Any input would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!!


Beth - March 28

Hi Beth! I have hypothyroidism and take synthroid to correct my levels..if your levels are within the normal range you should be fine..if your levels are off then it could increase your chances of m/c..hope this helps!


Beth 1 - March 29

Thank you Beth. I haven't had my levels checked in about a year... I missed my last appt. b/c I had the flu...and never re-scheduled. I guess that needs to become a priority to make sure that I do not m/c again. DO you know of anyone who has had a m/c ONLY b/c of hypothyroidism? It is odd too b/c my mom has HYPERthyroidism... could that cause m/c too?! Thanks so much for your response. Do you have children?


stacey - March 29

Hi Beth! I had thyroid cancer(and had my thyroid removed), and am on synthroid. I had a miscarriage in Jan, but had my levels checked right before and right after- dr. said they were ok, and the same both times. Although it is possible to miscarry due to thyroid problems, I don't think having an enlarged thyroid (though I wonder why it's enlarged) is the culprit. I would def. go to get your levels checked before trying again though!!


Stacey - March 30

Thanks Stacey! THey say the enlargement is a sign that hyper or hypo-thyroidism MAY develop...although it may not ever?! I guess I didn't worry about it until my m/c, but now just trying to "put together all of the pieces". Thank you for sharing your experience... have you had any luck getting preg. again?! Best of Luck to you!


Beth - March 30

Sorry...was writing TO Stacey!
Thanks Stacey! THey say the enlargement is a sign that hyper or hypo-thyroidism MAY develop...although it may not ever?! I guess I didn't worry about it until my m/c, but now just trying to "put together all of the pieces". Thank you for sharing your experience... have you had any luck getting preg. again?! Best of Luck to you!


May - March 30

Hey! so glad I found this site. I have one child and started trying for my second over a year ago. they finally said my TSH levels were pretty low and put me on PTU. My doctor says that thyroid levels really affect fertility. They can cause you not to ovulate regularly and something about the fertilization of an egg even if you do ovulate. Anyway, he says that this is the only reason they can find for me not getting pregnant after trying for so long. It was acutally brought on by my first pregnancy. Very frustrating!!!!! Good luck to you and stay on top of things by getting your bloodwork done etc. It can literally vary monthly and it has a major affect on getting preggo!!!


Beth - March 31

Hi Beth 1! sorry it took me so long to reply! I have had hypothyroidism for 15 years and have been followed closely by endocrinologists...when I began trying to get pregnant I asked my MD all the questions you have..he basically said that hypothyroidism can cause infertility and miscarriage if UNTREATED...but if treated, it should not be a factor. I am not sure about hyperthyroidism.. you should definitely be checked by an endocrinologist though if you are planning to try to get pregnant. I do not have children yet, but hope to SOON! Have been trying for a really long time and also had 1st m/c in Feb...Good luck to you!


Michelle - April 7

Hi- I am 18 weeks pregnant and I found out that my TSH were out of wack! She didnt say whether it waslow or high. My symptoms are tiredness at times, sometimes hard to sleep or sleep the entire night, weak body times, constipation, heart racing more frequently etc... does this sound right? I am going to see and Endocrinologist tomorrow.


May - April 7

Very familiar! Your TSH levels are probably low, which means your thyroid overworks which would mean you had Hyperthyroidism. Probably just a mild case if the doc did not go into greater detail. It is so great that you are preggo bd sometimes it affects your periods and ovulation therefore fertility. I have hyperthyroid too but have been taking PTU which you can also take when you are preggo. They also say your body kind've tends to "fix" itself when you are pregnant bc your immune system is not fighting so hard but it will come back with a vengeance after delivery. This all info I got and it may or may not apply to you, but just thought I'd throw it out there. good luck!!!!!


Andi - April 16

1st i'm sorry to here about your lost Beth. I'm 28 & have had thyroid disease all my life. I was 8 yrs old when they finally diagnosed me with hyperthyroidism. I had it removed two days after I was told this. Crazy thing is that it grew back two weeks later 10 times stronger & lager after having it removed. I've had radiation many times in between until I was 18 & had it removed again. I'm now hypo on Levothyroxine & it has not grown back. Since then I have a lot of problems with my periods & now trying to get pregnant because of this. My husband & I have been trying for over a year with no luck....until March 18th of this year when I had a m/c myself. My ObGyn truly believes that is was due to my thyroid. This has had my levels going all over the place. I get them checked every 3 months because I have such a bad case of thyroidism. So, I also feel it is very strongly that it was a lot to do with my hypothyroidism as well. He, told me not to give up because there are many ways to help me to become pregnant & have a healthy pregnancy this time around. Don't loss hope & you will have a very health pregnancy this time around. I hope this help as well....Good Luck!


stacey - April 17

Beth, sory it took me a while to get back to this site- forgot about this strand. Sorry :) I still have not gotten pregnant again, but have been assured it's not from my thyroid- levels were fine both before and after pregnancy/mc. sigh! Have you had your levels checked yet? Any luck w/ the pregnancy trying yet? Did they give you a reason as to why it's enlarged? Good luck and I'll remember to check back more often :)


Beth - April 18

Hi Stacey- no BFP yet here either... I just finally got my AF after M/c last I am FINALLY feeling normal again. I do have an appt. with a new endocrinologist, but not until May. (My last Dr. was very OLD and unkind....didn't feel comfotable w/ him at all, which is probably why I never rescheduled with him!) Anyway, my hubby and I are waiting until after that to ttc again, b/c we want to be certain that wasn't the reason for my m/c. Keep me posted on you too- I wish you the best! Andi- thanks for your encouragemnet and I wish you lots of luck ttc too- keep us posted!


Natalie - April 20

So glad I found this topic. I am trying to conceive for 14 months, have high level of thyroid, and take synthroid a doctor prescribed for me. But I've just read Beth takes synthroid because of low thyroid!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is that right medicine for me? Do I worsen my chances to conceive?
Thank you.


SS - April 20

I'm hypothyroid, and like many here have said, as long as it's treated, it shouldn't be an issue as far as fertility goes. But if it's NOT treated, not only can it cause miscarriage, not ovulating, etc., it can cause babies that ARE born to have low IQs and other problems. So it's really important to have the levels under control. I take lyvoxyl, which is comparable to synthroid. I wouldn't think it would make sense to take either of these if you were HYPERthyroid, since these are hormone replacements...


melanie - October 12

just found out I have hypothyroid. I have been married now for 3 yrs and my husband and I have not been trying to get pregnant but we havent been not trying either. I always thought it was pretty strange that I have been having unprotected sex for over 4 years and never ended up prego. Have not stated treatment yet....waiting for more blood test results....


Lisa - October 12

I have had Grave's Disease for around 10 years. They radiated my thyroid then and I have taken medication since. My thyroid is NEVER regulated however I continue to check it and I have a 3 year old. However, this April I had a miscarriage and have not been able to get pregnant yet. My levels are ok, I am not sure what the problem is?????



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