thoughts on Prometrium pill vs progesterone suppositories ?
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newgal - September 20

What are your experiences in one or the other. I have heard the suppositories are messy but the doc said the pill makes people dizzy. Is this true? What are your thoughts i need to figure out by friday ?


merlee - September 20

I used the suppositories and didn't have any problem. It was a little messy, but nothing horrible. I used them at night, just before bed. I have heard many, many stories about the prometrium pill - it makes you incredibly sleepy, light headed, and dizzy.


newgal - September 21

HI merlee, i will have to take the suppositories 2xday after my 2nd iui for 2 weeks. If pregnant than until 7 weeks gestation.if not pg then i stop it and start the whole process again. Im concerned about the mess and the supposed irritation i might get. If i got sleepy that would be good i have sleep problems anyways. I just got a call from the fertility clinic and they said the crinone gel is 3x cost of the suppositories so i think that is out we dont have coverage. Anyone else with experiences? good or bad??


vanessa - September 21

I am on two suppositories a day, one in morning and one at bed time. I have had no problem with them i have tryed then up both entry's and i would recomend the back one, no mess. wasnt sure myself untill i tryed it


miranda - September 21

i took prometrium and it made me go to sleep everytime ( so tired i could barely speak) and im now on the suppositories and have no side effects...its actually in a plastic tube that i put in me ( like the preseed tubes) so its not that messy at all...i use it at night when i go to bed...


to miranda - September 21

from newgal - i use preseed so i know what you are talking about. What happens with sex though, can we still have it when using suppositories and can we still use preseed or what happens after sex when you 'wipe' yourself up. Will you end up losing the suppositories? i'm so nervous about this whole thing.


taya - September 22

can someone explain to me what the suppositories are like? is it like a pill you insert? or a creme?i havent been given mine i get it day after my 2nd iui


Toni - September 22

They are like little missiles you just slide it in like a tampon. No big deal at all. They are not that messy. You put it in right before you plan to sleep. Last thing! Then in the morning when you wipe, you will notice a little something extra. You get better absorption with the supp. vs. the pills. So if it works better than it's worth it.


KellyN - September 22

I take the pill. My doc told me to take it at night, so I wouldn't feel much of the effects. It does make me tired. I think its the hormone that makes you feel tired when you get pg, so that is logical. On my last cycle when I took it, my progesterone levels were up to around 140 when they tested me a week after o, so that is VERY good.


miranda - September 22

the ones i have a way more expensive than the suppositories but my dr said its been proven to work better with the clomid and estradiol( higher preg rates) but if you want to bd, do it before you put it in then i wait about an hour to put it in...its called prochieve 8% and has no side effects that i have noticed....they are listed but i havent gotten any...(thank god) good luck ladies!!!price on that here in florida i paid for a kit of 18---$225....


newgal - September 22

i am supposed to use one suppository two x's a day so i guess one at bed which is ok cuz you sleep but what about the leaking all day of the 2nd one? i'm so worried of having an embarrasing accident. If i go to the progesterone pills prometrium i have to take it 3x's a day so if it makes me tired that doesnt help either. i'm sooooo stressed.


miranda - September 24

to new gal- try a panty liner...they help me......good luck!


newgal - September 26

Miranda thanks i will try that. i will have to try it for a few days and if i dont like them (he told me today to do it rectally as it is less messy) and if i dont like it i will get the pills.


Christine - September 28

Well, lets put it this way.. I totally hit the floor one night preparing dinner! DH had to put me in bed! I later found out that the drug store did not put any warnings on the container and I didn't know to use them at night only. I completely agree that prometrium will make you very dizzy and completely fatigued.. similiar to first trimester, like falling into a deep sleep. We figured out that it takes me exactly 2 1/2 hours before it kicks in and them I am out for the night!! But, it sure helps for the sleepless nights while ttc and it beats the mess!


akingshere - January 27

I uses the suppositories at night for my last 3 pregnancies. My new OB wanted to prescribe the pill this time. The labels on the prescription didn't warn about drowsiness and nausea. The first time I took one after breakfast, within an hour I was dizzy, lightheaded, nauseated and so tired I could hardly move . Taking it right before bed (with food) is my suggestion. I didn't mind the suppositories at all though and they are more natural.



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