Thought I was PG
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Allie - December 12

Hi Girls. Well, another month ttc and I am not pg. This is our 12th month. I have an appt. in January to get "tested". I really thought we were pg (again). This month my nipples were really hurting and they never have before. I had my hopes up only to be crushed this morning (after being late one day). Does anyone know why my nipples would be hurting if I am not pg? Also, I have been very dizzy lately. Thanks for your input.


allie - December 12

i usually get pain after ovulation in my nipples &i get AF everytime with boobs hurting so i depends... i think .. this time i having cramps but no sore boobs i am 11 dpo i will see hat will happen crossing my fingers
all the best frnd


Allie - December 12

Good Luck to you allie. Hope you have better news than me!!


MuzikGurl - December 12

maybe pms symptoms....sometimes they are very similar to pg. symptoms.


Mega - December 12

Ouch! I can definitely sympathize/empathize with you. As MuzikGurl said, PMS signs & pregnancy signs are often the same. How cruel is that. I almost always have sore nipples at least a week before AF appears, this last cycle I didn't have sore bbs at all the entire 2 WW & I was 2 days late with AF. But she showed full force today. This is hardly the 1st time I've had my hopes up, but it never seems to get easier. I'm on my 16th month TTC, & I've been seeing a RE. This was my 2nd IUI cycle. Anyway, I'm glad you're seeing a dr to get tested. Good luck! I hope you answers & a BFP real soon. Hang in there.



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