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hopefulljules - April 24

Has anyone taken metformin and femara at the same time? I am currently taking metformin, but am considering taking the femara. Is this advised or not?


Mega - April 24

Hi hopefuljules, I've never taken Femara, but I do take Metformin & I've always used it in conjunction with other fertiltiy drugs like Clomid & now Repronex (an injectible). So yes, you can certainly use Metformin while using other fertility drugs. My understanding is the Met is supposed to enhance their affects. You have PCOS, I gather? Good luck. I HTH!


hopefulljules - April 24

Yes I have PCOS, and I have never taken any fertility drugs, but I think I'm going to suggest it to my Dr. because nothing has happened yet with the metformin alone. Good Luck, and THANKS!!!


Mega - April 24

Yes, I definitely think taking fertility drugs is the next step for you. Thanks. Good luck to you too. I hope it works for you!!! And soon...


hopefulljules - April 24

How long have you been taking the Repronex, and how long did you take Clomid? Have you been TTC for very long? I know every month seens like years now that we have been trying with no success!!!


Mega - April 26

This is my first cycle with the Repronex, before that I took Clomid 7 times, & O'ed on it 6 of those times. I've been trying since Aug. 2004. You're right though, each cycle seems to move sooo slowly, it's a frustrating process if you've been trying 9 mos. or 2 years or longer. How long have you been trying? Has your partner been tested yet? I highly suggest that. My DH has low morphology but a high count.


hopefulljules - April 28

We have been trying for about a year. He hasn't been tested for anything yet, because we are pretty sure it's me and not him. Because I can't have a natural af. Well I hope something good for you soon. GOOD LUCK!


Lynn - April 29

I take metformin and took femera in Jan, Feb and March. No BFP so moved onto injections.



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