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linds99 - November 22

Has anyone seen the Michael Richards video? I was interested in seeing it, thinking it probably wasn't that bad, however, after viewing it, I feel like I was watching a Nazi, or just witnessed something horrific like a hanging. And it went on and on and on...I don't know, but am I wrong? I really think that those words he used so effortlessly and continually thorughout the tirade came off his tongue way too easy (and he wasn't afraid to say them in front of many people either)...that signals definite racisim of you ask me...Anyone else have thoughts on this?


lovemy3 - November 22

I thought it was just awful and only watched a minute of it.


mommy2josh - November 22

I agree. It was horrible, and considering that I am a huge Seinfeld fan, I will never be able to watch the re-runs and not see him for what he really is. He said "the sick part is that I am not a racist" which is a little remenicent of Mel Gibson saying "I am not an antisemit" . Right.


angelkitty - November 22

What is this video you are talking about Linds? I rarely ever watch tv because it is so negative and I am a firm believer that we have to protect our minds. Was this something that was on tv or is it on the net?


lovemy3 - November 22

I'm with you angelkitty, I saw the hoopla on CNN. It looked to me like it was footage from an appearance he made in a nightclub for comedy.


linds99 - November 22

If you go on You Tube (, and do the Michael Richards search, you can see him go nuts on a few hecklers in the audience, they go back and forth, but what Mr. Richards said to the black men who were heckling him was just so hard to listen to. I too was a Seinfeld fan, love dry humor, but this was far from that character he played on the show. This was like a devil or something. I find it also ironic that Jerry Seinfeld, who is promoting a new DVD release of Seinfeld, (and who is conducting an obvious damage control as to save whatever sales of the DVD) actually went on Letterman this week and asked Mr. Richards to have a chance to apologize. I saw that apology, and I agree, I didn't really feel his sympathies for saying anything he said. I realize that we all deserve a chance to be forgiven when we do something bad, and of course, we should forgive him for his stupidity, but I honestly will never look at him the same way, and I doubt others will too. I won't ever pay money to see him in a movie that is for sure!


cspears99 - November 24

I agree it was horrible, I don't think his apologies will ever be enough, it was very angry, they had the two guys on the today show the other day and I felt so bad for them, they weren't even heckling him they were just getting to the club ordering drinks and what not, I won't be able to ever watch anything on him again!!



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