This is fun.....TRY this....
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Nancy - June 24

Try this is really fun It's an old way to tell how many children you're going to have, and whether they will be girls or boys. It counts miscarriages, but it doesn't count stepkids. It will count the children you already have and give you the total...

This is what you do: Take a threaded needle and hold the thread over your hand . Your hand has to be on a flat surface, palm down and fingers slightly open. Then you place the threaded needle next to your hand with the needle dangling over. Trace your thumb and index finger around, as if you were drawing with the dangling needle. When you get to the space between your index and 3rd finger, go up over your hand to the middle. Dangle the needle over the centre of your hand until you see some movement. The needle should start turning in circles for a girl or going back and forth for a boy. Once you get a definite movement, repeat the whole thing until it stops. You can also use your wedding ring.

For those who have kids already kindly let us know if it is true.


Nancy - June 24

I got girl , boy and girl.....hope it works....


heaven-sent - June 24

My family and I have been using the needle trick for years...and it has never been wrong!!

We have done it on all our family members, aunts, cousins, friends, etc...and it has always been right. I'm anxious to see if it will be right for us too.


Lame - June 24

That test is lame. A fricken needle cant decide what you will have. Get real people!


TO LAME - June 24

this is just for fun Lame...nobody is forcing you to do it.....OK!


angel - June 24

how can u tell if ur having twins with the needle test


slow - June 25

I must be slow because I just can't understand that one. :(


? - June 25

Does it count abortions as well?


TO LAME - June 25

Go find another site to be lame on.........


disagree - June 25

We have God who decides how many children we will have-boys or girls. In my opinion its not a very good idea to do this. It is not from God. Sending lots of blessings your way everyone.


angel - June 27

like nancy said "THIS IS FOR FUN"


Lula - June 27

Oh my God... I'll have 8 children???


Relax - June 27

Some of you really need to relax.... THIS IS JUST FOR FUN!!!! Some of you take everything so seriously! Get a grip. I personally thought that this was very cute, and whatever the out come I will be very happy and feel very blessed.


Alissa - June 27

~*~*~*WOW~*~*~*~*I have one boy right now! I did it with my wedding ring...and can I say you feel a force when you do this on your hand your pulse starts going really fast"". First round > boy (have a boy) 2nd round> girl, 3rd round girl, 4th round boy..after that stopped and I let it sit over my hand for a couple of starts to go back and forth or in circles right away!!! very cool nancy where did this ever come about???? :) O and I only want 2 kids????maybe 3??but hey now I'll have to see...


m - June 27

Say what you will about it being crazy, but it sure does give you hope. Mine says I'll have a girl then boy. Baby Dust to everyone


Peanut - June 27

This is pretty cool, but what is it that tells you haw many children you are going to have?


Lula - June 27

I'll be happy with 8 kids.... I think...



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