Thinking of you Michelle
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jb - March 7

yr lucky u got a positive ovulation test 3 days on the run i bet yr tired from all the sex! I bet yr husband aint moaning tho they love ovulation week!


michelle - March 8

morning gals.
just done ovulation test and i'm pretty certain its positive!!! yay!!!
the top line and bottom line has to be the same colour or bottom line has to be darker than top line. i'm sure they are the same colour, normally the bottom line is none existent! what do you think?
will test again this afternoon..
good job we had sex this morning!!! hopefully they will find the eggs!!! xx


jb - March 8

sounds positive 2 me babe good job u had some this morning and u better get more tonight haha xxx


michelle - March 8

just done another ovulation test and its not very positive, top line is only slightly darker..... so hard to tell as top line is thicker!
hopefully i will ovulate, or maybe already have as itscoming to end of day 15, wish i was having blood test on day 21, how would i organise that? gyno didn't tell me to have one, suppose pointless really as results would go to him a week later....
think i better jump boyf tonight, getting some toffee lick off anne summers tomoz that will spice things up a bit hee hee....xx


jb - March 8

yummy i would eat his tool if i covered it in chocolate sauce haha xx Stay positive!!! By the way the doc will give u blood tests and give u the results the next day say the hospital said u need the test xxx


michelle - March 8

getting anne summers stuff tonight now, yipee!!! ha ha
yeah i might ring doctors as would be interesting to see if i did ovulate!!
put into google "ultra sound follicle pictures"
it brings up some interesting info and pictures that you can look out for on your scan, wish i had looked into it before scan so i knew what i was looking for asking!!! x


michelle - March 9

day 16 ovulation test this morning was definetly positive!!! yay!
done the deeds this morning... looks as if i will ovulate today or tomoz.. jb what day are you on?
shan is it your blood tests tomorrow(thursday) xx


jb - March 9

positive ovulation test thats great news babe!!!!! Im on day 13 now and this morning we had some loving and now i have a little tummy cramp and feel like period may come but no clear mucus yet!!!! I know u got a positive test but what other signs do u have so i know what to look out for!!!!xxx Thanks 4 info on scan will have look now ready 4 next week x


shan - March 9

Awesome on the positive, that means we O'd around the same day of our cycle. (at least i hope i did). I am supposed to go for a blood test tomorrow so we will see for sure. I just want two weeks to pass. My boobs feel a little tingly, and i am soooo tired.who knows? Sometimes i wonder if we give these symtoms to ourselves mentally!! I am just keeping my fingers crossed. If we all got preg this time we would be due around Thanksgiving, what a special thing to be soooo thankful for. Baby dust to everyone. Jb, you will probably o in a couple of days, around 14 or 15. Are you doing your BBT i am this month for the first time and it did coordinate with the OPK, temp dropped a day and then went up .4 degrees. good luck.


jb - March 9

Hi shan no im not doing the temps this month just trying to relax and have sex every other day!!! I get to carried away whn i start haha xx Glad u ovulated i think im joining u i have lower pain like period is on its way and ovaries are tingling!!!!


michelle - March 10

hi girls,
shan all sounds promising for you!
i did ovulation test this morning and bottom line was slightly fainter so thats negative, wish it was a bit more obvious though..
so i think that means i should have ovulated since yesterday morning, although we haven't had sex since yesterday morning so hopefully it was earlier on yesterday!
this is all confusing and wish these days would fly by... day 17 now so only 11 days til period due! my periods are normally only 23 /25 days but clomid will probably make me 28!
its all excititng for us all now..
jb i've had no other signs although yesterday i was so moody and stroppy and tired and just wanted to go to bed! everything annoyed me all day at work and then i reversed into my dad's lorry, don't know how i didn't see it !!! just weren't concentrating so maybe that is a big sign of hormones working coz i was just so stressed yesterday and i'm never like that!!!
shan we don't celebrate thanksgiving here.... it would be around the end of november for all of us... i really hope we all get lucky this month as the next month would be a xmas baby!!.
hope your blood test goes well and jb happy baby making! xx


jb - March 10

Michelle i was thinking the same if we did get very lucky we would have a xmas baby!!!!! Im on day 14 and this morning i woke with ovary pain and lower sharp pains coulnt walk properly without it killing me!!!! This must be ovulation its day 14 and im killing!!!!!!!! had sex yest morning and night just incase haha xx How u feeling looks like u had yr ovulation so fingers crossed xxx shan fingers crossed 4 u 2 xx


michelle - March 11

thats great, not that you was in pain but sounds like you ovulated...
i wonder why you've got scan on day 21 oz ifyou ovulated there may not be much for them to see!! or maybe a small sac with fingers crossed..
this morning i had tiny soft period pains, no blood, i though maybe could be implantation but maybe its all in my brain!!!
the weeks are going fast i think so hopefully won't be long til we know...
day 18 today, so only 10 more days yipee... shan are day 22 today?
how was your blood test ? when do you get results? take care and have a great weekend!
p.s we got house we are only renting, prices are so high to buy, just waiting for moving dates should be 2nd april so i hopefully will be decorating a room for a baby or two!!! ha ha
fingers crossed for all xxxxxxx


michelle - March 11

do you think this is a good sign???
i've just cracked an egg open to make a poached egg and inside was 2 yolks...
i was quite amazed, it's never happened before and thought it was a good sign!!! xxxx


jb - March 11

Hey michelle that happened to me last week but i havent had anything good happen yet!haha xx New house oh im so please that will keep u from stressing now babe xxx Im still having a few pains on left ovary and i have ear ache and a horrible cyst thing on my gym all my left side of my body is ready 4 scrap yard!!!! Wonder how yr eggs are doing babe fingers so crossed xxxx had loads of sex morning and night so i hope it was ovulation im tired now haha If they see a sack i would piss myself in excitement haha xx How u today xx


jb - March 11

on my gum not gym haha



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