Thinking of having IUI?
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Lena - August 6

I tested about 45 minutes ago and it was POSITIVE!!! I can't stop looking at it. We are trying to not get excited about it tonight until after we do the hCG test.


Beth - August 6

Lena CONGRATS!!! It's so exciting to hear of someone having good news. Does anyone know how reliable BBT is? I had a 24mm follicle on Monday and was given an HCG injection with IUI on tuesday. It wasn't until today (Saturday) that my temp went up. Can how much sleep, what you ate/drank, allergies do weird things to BBT? I just can't imagine that I wouldn't have ovulated until yesterday with the size of the follicle and HCG injection. There was only 1 follicle on U/S if that makes any difference. Baby Dust to all!


Ann - August 6

Lena I am so excited for you! I was thinking about you all morning. I know what you mean about looking at it. After a while my dh said "shouldn't we throw that away?" Wow, congratulations to you and your dh. This is one very lucky baby! Let me know how everything goes. Hugs!


Ann - August 6

Beth, that doesn't sound right at all. I would think that you did ovulate before then.Usually 36hours after the shot. Do you feel it when you ovulate? I usually do on clomid. Maybe you should ask your Dr.?


merlee - August 6

Lena, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! That is GREAT!!! I'm sooooo happy for you!!


Beth - August 6

Ann I did feel it when I ovulated on clomid but I also had 7 follicles each time on clomid....This month I was on Femara and only got 1 follicle. I asked my doctor on Thursday what was going on with the BBT but he said not to worry he was sure I had ovulated, glad he's sure I'm not so sure.....I'm thinking of having him do u/s on the day of the IUI next time if I have to go through this again. Baby Dust to all


Ann - August 7

Beth- I am not feeling very positive about my last IUI either. I am not sure my follicle was big enough. Now I guess we just wait. But next time I am asking for more u/s's too. I think the best thing we can do is think positive thoughts and be more assertive next time. .......I am off for a couple of days to the Cape. Take care, I"ll check in when I get back. Lots of baby dust to everyone! Lena, how are you? Do you know how many babies are in there?? Take care.


Jen - August 8

For my IUI I took clomid days 3-7 and Gonal-f shots to stimulate follicle production. Then on day 12 I went in for an ultrasound. I had good size follicles 18, 21 and 22mm. I took the HCG shot that night and came in 2 days later. We dropped off husband sperm at 7:30AM to be washed, and got the IUI at 9:30. What they do is wash the sperm and take the best ones. They go up your vagina and into your cervix with a plastic catheter kinda of like a mini turkey baster. It doesn't hurt. Then inject the sperm into your uterus. I had cramping later. First one didn't work,, we are trying our second IUI later this week., Hope this helps.


Lena - August 8

Hey everyone! We've been away all weekend. Thank you all for your support and congrats. I've taken 3 more test (went for another brand just to make sure) and all had two lines. I was suppose to have my hCG test today but the lab has minimal morning hours on Sunday so we couldn't get there. I'll take it tomorrow. Ann, I know we've talked about this all last week, but I really feel we need to drive our Drs. This is the first cycle in 10 that I insisted we do it my way. I've had several IUI's in the past where my cervix was so tight they struggled w/ catheter for a long time. I knew the moment we left the drs office that this cycle was going to work. Regarding the bbt: our temperatures rise quickly and dramatically the moment we wake up,. Not sleeping well with a lot of tossing and turning can keep our body from achieving a lower bbt; A jolt awake from your alarm can cause it to rise dramatically; laying in bed half awake/half asleep can cause your bbt to begin rising. I tried recording my bbt in the early ttc days. With a digital thermometer my temps were all over by several degrees. I'd admire all of you that are able to do it!


Ann - August 9

Jen thanks for writing and sharing your experience. I hope the IUI works for you this time. Let us know how it goes!


Ann - August 9

Lena, I am glad to hear that all of your tests are showing a positive. What a fun adventure you have ahead of you! I talked with my sister today and she is getting the name of an RE for me that was recommended to her by a friend. I am thinking of switching to them right away. I feel like this time going in I will have more knowledge and be able to take more control. I think that if this is going to be successful, I need to take a more assertive role. I hope you will keep me updated on your progress. I am so happy for you and it gives me great hope. Thanks!


Ann - August 9

Beth, I am with you on more u/s's. Next time I want to make sure the timing is right.



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