Thinking of having IUI?
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Ann - July 18

I am going for a consultation with my Doctor on Friday about having an IUI done. I am currently taking Clomid and have gotten pg once, on my own (after about a year) but had a m/c. I am going to ask about the procedure itself and how it works. Does anyone have suggestions about what questions to ask? Also, anyone out there who has had this done who can fill me in on what typically happens? (my role and the role of my dh) I appreciate any help!


Lena - July 19

I'm doiing DIUI so I can't comment on the male part, but I can tell you about what you should expect. The procedure itself isn't painful, but more ticklish discomfort than anything. I can definitely feel the long canula in my fallopian tube while its happening and I usually press on my belly to relieve the tickling feeling. Your doctor will insert a speculum into your vagina. The speculum with either stop just before your cervix or will open your cervix. (I've had both, didn't really notice a difference) Your doctor will then guide a catheter with canula through the speculum and your cervix and into the uterus. They will then guide the canula into the fallopian tube where the semen will be expunged. The whole procedure takes about 5 minutes but they'll want you to relax for about 10 minutes afterwards.


Ann - July 19

Lena - Thank you very much, the info. has been helpful! Good luck to you.


Stacy - July 20

Let me know Ann and Lena how this works for you. I am 36 and am using donor sperm as well. I tried twice last year but it did not work due to a large uterine fibroid I had removed in December. Last month was my first try since the surgery and unfortunately it did not work. I am set for my 2nd try a week from today. So far I have not had any kind of injections because I do ovulate and have a very normal 28 day cycle. Keep your fingers crossed for me and let me know what your situation is Lena and how many times you've tried? My doctor says 3 times is the average, but I'm curious how long it has taken other people? Thanks


Ann - July 20

Hi Stacy, I'll let you know what happens. I have my chat with my Dr. on Friday. I am anxious to see what she has to say and if she will ok the IUI! Good luck with yours and let me know how it works out.


Ann - July 23

Stacy, I talked with my Dr. today and she ok'd the IUI! I am going in for an ultrasound on Friday(29th) to see how my follicles area looking, then we go from there. I hope this works!


Lena - July 23

Best wishes to both of you! Are either of you taking clomid? I have a consistent 28 day cycle, no ovuation or hormone problems but I'm still taking clomid. The clomid stimulates additional follicles. If you figure your success rate with IUI is only 10%, but producing additional follicles you can increase your percentage. This cycle I have 4 follicles. I did my DIUI today and again tomorrow. This is my 5th clomid cycle and I did as many natural cycles. I have a really good feeling about this cycle - its just seems like all the wheels are in line. I haven't felt that way during my other cycles.


Ann - July 23

Lena- That sounds great! Let me know how it turns out. Yes, I am on clomid. I started it last month (without IUI). But, my Dr. basically said the best shot was doing clomid and IUI together. She thinks our chances are pretty good because I did get pregnant once on my own, unfortunately, I had a m/c. So we are back trying again. I have an irregular cycle, but do ovulate on my own. It took us about a year to conceive the first time. This is why clomid was a good choice for us. I really hope taking it improves my chances and makes me produce more follicles. It does make me a little nervous about multiples. But, in the time it has taken us to go through all of this, we have decided that we are willing to take our chances and be happy with what we are blessed with. So Lena, after today is the waiting game for you. THis to me is the hardest part. Keep me posted and lots of luck to you!


Lena - July 24

Ann, It certainly seems like you are an ideal candidate for clomid. One of my friends at work just told me she is 6 wks pregnant. She had a m/c earlier this year. My sister had to m/c before she had my niece two years ago. So it can happen for you!! Where are you in your cycle? I had my second IUI and it went well also. My cervix was beginning to tighten and I didn't wake up with the ovary pain I've had the past few days so I think I ovulated yesterday. I hope this mean I'm well covered. My husband went today (first time) and I had a new male doctor. The two were cracking jokes and carrying on. Meanwhile I'm sitting there in the stirrups waiting. Hello!


D. - July 24

IUI with clomid can be a better deal. Clomid has a way of messing with our cervical mucus and making it a hostile environment. With IUI, you bypass the cervix, so it's not an issue any longer.


Ann - July 24

Lena, thanks for the encouraging words. It always helps to hear positive stories. I feel I will have a child, I'm just not sure when. Also, when I do finally get pg, I am afraid it won't be a completely happy time until after we see a strong heartbeat. When I m/c my baby never developed a heart beat. But, back to more positive thoughts....I am on cd 6. I take clomid days 3-7. Then on day ten I'll start using my ovulation monitor. I guess I don't have to, I just like to keep tabs on what is going on. I have always ovulated sometime after day 15. I am going in for an ultrasound on Friday to see how things are looking. I don't think I'll be ready to get my shot until next Monday. Because the timing is over the weekend it is a little worrisome, but logically I have never ovulated early before, so why should I this month?? This month sounds very promising for you! It is always nice when the hubby's can join us. Mine is a jokester too, and he doesn't love going to my gyn. office. But he's a trooper and never complains. It is funny that you mentioned a male dr. I have to see one for the first time on friday because my dr. is on vacation that week. I'll let you know how that goes. Do you usually get any symptoms after the IUI?


Ann - July 24

Welcome D- The cm is mainly why my Dr. suggested the IUI. Are you taking clomid too?


Lena - July 25

Ann, I'm a test junkie. I know that they aren't always reliable but I just can't wait until I see my doctor to find out where I stand. Having a male dr wasn't a wierd as I thought it could be. They put a blanket over your legs and it really seems like hes on the other side of the table talking to you. After my IUIs I've had a small amount of blood in the past from the catheter scraping along my cervix and other times I've had mild cramps the following day. But this time I don't feel any different than normal.


Ann - July 29

Hi Lena, Stacy and D, I went in today and I have two follicles, but only one follicle that looks like it will be ready on Sunday. So, I am going to get my shot on sunday and then monday and tuesday I have my IUI's scheduled! This seemed like it happened so fast. I am nervous but excited. The male dr. was very nice and cleared some questions up for me. My dh was working today, but will be off sunday, monday and tuesday with me:). How is everyone feeling?


Ann - August 1

Hi, I had my first IUI today. It went really well. I didn't feel anything really. Also no cramping or bleeding so far. I go in again tomorrow for round two. My dh is happy because the Dr. said his count was great. It was stressful this morning trying to collect a sample and bring it to the Dr.'s within the hour.(we had to be there by 8 and go through morning traffic) Lena, do you get pain when you ovulate on clomid? I had a lot of pain last cycle, which was my first time on clomid. This month, no pain and I should ovulate some time tonight? It is making me worry a little.


Lena - August 1

Hi Ann, I'm glad to hear your IUI went well today. I"m glad to hear that you have no cramping, no bleeding, and a great count. Its not so much the ovulation that bothers me while I'm on clomid, but the weight and mass of the multiple follicles. For example, I ovulated 3 of my 4 follicles on Friday evening last cycle, but my ovary pain began the Sunday before and escalated until Friday. On Saturday morning the pain was mild and I only had 1 25mm follicle. Did your doctor ultrasound you to see how many follicles you had and their size? Follicles grow an average of 2mm/day as they mature and women ovulate at 20-28mm. Chances are very good that you ovulated if your doctor gave you a shot of HCG when your follicles were minimally at 18mm.


Ann - August 2

Hi Lena, It went well again today. They want me to wait and take a blood test in two weeks, but I doubt I'll be able to hold out that long to test! I had two follicles on Friday. But only one was going to be ready. It was 16mm and I got the shot on Sunday, two days later. So it should have been at least 18mm. I had some pain yesterday afternoon through last night. And only a little this morining. Now I have none. So I am guessing that it worked ok. Does you Dr. take an ultrasound the day you go in for IUI? Is this how they tell how many eggs you ovulated? When can you test?



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