Thinking of asking Dr for Clomid after I m/c @4mths
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Amy X - February 27

: Hi~ I had a m/c at 4 months in Aug. We are still not pregnant. I do not think I am ovulating. I had used the ovulation stick since Sept with no luck. I am trying to get all the info on this stuff. I got pg the first month with my son and the first month with the baby I m/c. Now it seems I am just not ovulating. Anyone have an opinion or a similar situation? I could really use some advice. my Dr appt is March 6


Amy X - February 27



Mega - February 27

Sorry about your m/c. Unfortunately sometimes it takes awhile for your cycles to get regulated again. I'm glad you made a dr's appt., it sounds like Clomid is probably warranted in your case. Also ask your dr to run some b/w, verify that you are or aren't O. Good luck at your appt. Keep us posted.


Wondering - March 3



pj - March 3

I am pcod, and doc was not sure if I am ovulating, so doc is doing a follicular monitoring. That basically means an ultrasound almost everyother day, to track if the follicles are growing, and if any will release egg. You can actually physically see the growth



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