Thin Uterus Lining
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C~ - August 9

I believe that the reason that I am having problems carrying a baby to term is because I have a thin uterus lining that never thickens to support the pregnancy. I do not have a problem gettting preg. I just never go past 2 - 3 weeks. Does anyone have any information that may help me. From what I understand... I am pretty much out of luck. Thanks for any help you can give. C~


Lena - August 9

Diagnosing a thin uterine lining is easily done by u/s at the time of ovulation or afterwards. Often time low progesterone or low hCG levels attribute to early m/c. These can also be easily diagnosed by a blood test and supplemental hormones prescribed by your doctor.


KellyN - August 9

My dr. prescribed me a projesterone supplement to thicken up my uterus lining. Dr's can help with this, so go see one! -kelly


C~ - August 10

Thank you Lena and KellyN I really appreciate the information. I was talking to my husband last night, and he told me that I was losing faith. I guess I am just scared because this information is all so new to me. I will talk to my dr to see what he suggests. Thanks AGAIN!



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