Thickened linning of the Uterus---ANYONE???
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Cutie - March 21

has anyone had anything similar or have heard of this. I had an ultrasound to see what is going on with me due to unexplained long bleedings. I am on BC right now. The doctor told me that the linning of the uterus is thicken she said that it may be because of upcoming menses and if not she said that it could be the polyps. Anyone had this or heard of it? If it doesnt clear up at the end of my period the doctor said that we will need to do a D&C ...... Anyone knows anything about the linning of the uterus that is thick or has anyone had a D&C A lot of thanks!!!


Cutie - March 22

Ladies, please answer. Thanks


Teresa - March 22

It could be a condition called Endometriosous(sp?). I have this condition, it is when the lining of the uterus thicks on the outside instead of the inside. A D&C as well as a laporoscopy is done to clean the edometrium from the uterus. D&C's can be performed many times, depending on the degree of endometreosous that is present. The web has a lot of info on this condition.


Cutie - March 24

People please answer. Thanks


Heather - March 24

I went in for an u/s because I was actually going 3-4 months with no period. My lining was "unusually thick" according to the dr. There was no polyps or anything like that. I was given provera and OMG... It was like the flood gates opened. I had the WORST period I have ever had in my life. I do believe the thickness was due to the lack of periods.


betty - April 6

My friend nikki had her dr tell her that the lining of her stomach was too thinck and she had to take this pill that sheds the linings. he put her on the progesterone (provera) the first time that if her uterus did not shrink how he wanted he would have to do an DNC,


Cutie - April 7

Hi, I am back. Last week I went to ER and was admitted for a really bad pain in lower abdomen, coming from uterus. I was on morphine and that didnt help, so they gave me some other meds. All tests were negative, and since I was due for my period for 2 days, I was only spotting and not bleeding like I ussually do when I get menses. Anyway, after staying at the hospital for two days, just before I was going to go home, I passed a lemon size blood clot and more little clots .... I went home and had a little dull pain, but nothing like it was before. I didnt bleed much after that, but passed some little clots. Today I had an ultrasound and my doctor said that the linning is back to normal, however I got reffered to RE for uterine septum. Did anyone have this? Thank you so much for your support. God blesd


Joyce - April 24

Cutie & Heather...SOUNDS like you BOTH have PCOS. I just found out I have it after years of going thru what you have..Thank God for my NEW doctor! Check out and


Heather - April 24

Joyce - My DR tested for PCOS and the tests all came back negative. PCOS, poly cystic ovarian syndrome, I don't have cysts on my ovaries. That was the first thing they checked. I am a "big girl" & have a large bone structure as well as some large organs including my ovaries. PCOS has been ruled out as my problem. I think it may have to do with my heart condition as well as my weight.


Cutie - April 26

Hi ladies, I am back and wanted to let you all know that I am doing much better. Feeling much, much better. Still on BC and on Prenatal Vitamins. Hopefully I will get preggo in 2 months. :)



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