Thick yellow urine
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mandy - January 6

HELP I need an answer, I had a miscarriage in November after cleaning myself out the doctor recommended that I wait for 3 months to try again, in December my husband and I had sex after a few days I started vomiting in the mornings and feeling very nauseated. Today I should be on my period and the weirdest thing happened to me I was sitting down and I felt a think liquid coming from my Virginia area. I thought it was my period coming so I ran to the washroom and to was not blood but it was this thick yellow urine kind of like honey, it was so thick like squeezing honey from a tub. I am scared now and I don't know what this can be is this a bad sign? Can I still be pregnant?


Dee - January 6

i have never heard of anything like that...i would defnitely call your dr right away and ask them what might cause that. have you taken a pregnancy test yet? do your cycles vary each month or does af always arrive on time? sorry i cant help, but that is something you should definitely ask your dr, so you know for sure.



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