The Waiting and Wondering Game-Anyone else in the same boat?
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annahoban7 - October 6

So I have PCOS and am trying for our third and final child. I ovulated (I hope) on Monday and now I am just waiting to see if it worked. I hate this part of the process, I had to take 150mg of Clomid to even ovulate and I know (from previous pregnancies) how it messes with your body and almost tricks you into thinking that you are feeling pregnancy symptoms. Is anyone out there waiting to test? I have sore breasts and cramping and my period isn't due until the 14th. I would love to talk to people doing the same thing. Thanks.


cdmrose - October 7

Hi annahoban, I'm in the 2ww too, although I'm not in the same situation. We're month 6 or 7 now, ttc #1. I have low progesterone so started taking Prometrium last weekend. My period's due the 12th or thereabouts. Prometrium makes me dizzy and crampy, and my breasts hurt too. Doc almost gave me Clomid but I have a tendency to develop large cysts, so she changed her mind. I think that even with the Prometrium I have a large one again this month... =(


annahoban7 - October 8

Hey there. I am sorry about your cysts. I have one working ovary and when I take clomid the cysts I already have get huge, I have to wear sweat pants until I ovulate which could be 10 or more days, ick. I too HATE Prometrium, I get the same symptoms. My period is actually due the 12th also, I had to look at my calendar again and I noticed it. I am dying to take a test but really hate getting negatives, I get so emotional. Trying for #1? I got lucky with my #1 BUT my #2 was really hard 6 to 7 months of trying and 2 failed pregnancies, we were going to give up when she actually stuck. I wish you so much luck. Hopefully we will get good news together. Keep me posted. :)


annahoban7 - October 8

When are you going to test? I am going nuts, I swear when you think you might be pregnant your mind starts playing tricks on you, I am so tired and mild cramping...I think...hmmm.


cdmrose - October 8

Hi annahoban, I probably won't test until next weekend. I guess if af comes before then I'll have my answer, and not be out the extra $$ for the wasted tests. Those negatives can be really upsetting, especially when you expect the opposite. I also figure that if the Prometrium is going to help, it will take at least a couple of months to work, so my hopes aren't very high for this month. I'm sorry to hear about your ovulation woes - I totally sympathize! I can't get away with wearing sweatpants to work (unfortunately!) but I do have a chenille outfit that I change into as soon as I get home at the end of those days... My mother always says, "being a woman isn't for sissies" - I think she is so right! Well, good luck and let's keep each other posted this week. Oodles of baby dust to you! ~ =)


annahoban7 - October 9

Same to you! Here's what we should do, on Friday, around 7pm (if you don't have plans) we should test and then post the results. Good or bad at least we can go through it together!! What do you think?


Chi-Girl - October 9

Hi Anna!!! At least you only have to wait until the 14th. I am also waiting to test. I ovulated on Tuesday (the 3rd) and AF is due on 18th. I don't want to test until I am late (if I am late), but something crazy within never allows me to wait. I am going to try and hold out until the 20th to test, so that if AF comes before that I won't be too disappointed. All the best to you... and I hope go your way.


annahoban7 - October 9

Hi Chi-Girl. I am the same way, I just can't stand the wait. My problem is that I don't usually have periods so waiting until I missed one doesn't always work for me, but I am going to wait this time. I am beginning to think that I am not pregnant. Some of the signs and symptoms I felt last week are starting to go away. No dull ache in my lower stomach, no sore breasts. I am still pretty tired though, usually stay up until midnight on average but have been going to bed at 10. Who knows, I may just be getting old. Ha.


cdmrose - October 9

I probably won't be home till late Friday night. And aren't you supposed to use first morning's urine? I'm on the US West Coast, where are you both? I called to inquire about my blood test results (progesterone levels), and the nurse said "everything looks very good" - doc is supposed to call me back to discuss, though. Dare I get my hopes up so soon? That's when I have a hard time with the wait - when there's actually a glimmer of hope! My symptoms are persisting, but they're nothing out of the ordinary, so I can't rely on them. Chi-Girl you will have to let us know how your testing goes! Baby dust and lots of luck to you both!


annahoban7 - October 11

well it was just a thought. my symptoms are getting worse too but still neg on the early tests. I have a million of them so I don't mind but I did talk to my doc about some fluid leaking from my right breast and her first thought was that I was pregnant. She is going to do a blood test on Friday. How did your conversation with your doc go? Good news I hope. Good luck everyone. I sure hope we are a group of pregnant ladies by the end of this month! :)


lovemy3 - October 11

Hi there, Mind if I wait with you ladies. You answered my post about the pos surge for so long, thanks. We have bd'd with each day of pos. surge, so i guess we'll wait it out now. I am going to buy another pack of opk's and see if i'm still surging tomorrow which would make it 4 days, so crazy. Good luck all XOXO


annahoban7 - October 11

Of course you can wait with us. It's horrible huh, I was just telling a friend of mine that I wish I could be pregnant and not know it for awhile. This process takes forever when you have to plan it. Oh well.


cdmrose - October 12

Well, I certainly hope you are pregnant annahoban, that would be great! I wonder how long before you would get your BFP to make it official... You will have to keep testing and let us know! My doctor said she can cut my daily dose down to 100mg - that should help with the side effects but still help us in ttc. Today they weren't too bad, though. I usually am starting to have PMS by now in my cycle, but can't get my hopes up too far because of the new prescription. It seems like with ttc, you plan and plan and wait for exactly the right time to start trying - but I guess things never do go according to plan... Well, good luck to you all! I think I'll test Saturday morning and will let you know. Baby dust!


annahoban7 - October 12

I am going to the doc Friday, I have an appt for a routine pap and physical anyway and I talked to her monday and she said that it would be no problem to do a urine and blood test. This has been the longest week.


cdmrose - October 12

Good luck annahoban! Make sure you tell your doc about your breast leaking - very important!!! I'm starting to get af-like cramps this morning, so I'm expecting another BFN by Saturday, but oh well. All we can do is keep trying...


lawlady72 - October 12

I was until this morning when AF showed, ah well, there's always next month.


annahoban7 - October 12

Well I got my BFP today. I am in total shock and I still have to see my doc tomorrow for the blood test but it looks as though we are finally done. Thanks to everyone for being so great.



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