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kc - August 17

Exactly how I feel. The worst is seeing pregnant women or young girls smoking. How they can knowingly put their unborn baby in danger I have no clue. Just plain selfish. Sorry if I offended any smokers.


and - August 17

might I add a smidge on the bitter side.


Mrs Vent - August 17

I told DH last night that if my sister or his sister fall pregnant before I do that he needs to book 2 tickets to go overseas for 3 months! He laughed but I was dead serious! That would tip me right over the edge. Both girls have been married just over a year and for some strange reason I see popping kids out before me! Ladies, I don't know anymore.. I feel so down and out. I thank God that I have you all that completely understand. There is a friend of mine who has gone for IVF and tomorrow she finds out if shes pregnant.. I have to be happy for her as she has been going through this for years too but at the same time, I'm going to be crushed. And Mari, I so hear where your coming from.. you feel like letting loose and saying "if I could, don't you think I would be"? Anyway, I'm off to let a few tears flow.


Learning Patience - August 17

I have 8 friends that are pregnant!--Eight--I see them all the time--at work, at church, at any social gathering my DH and I attend----at least my sister-in-laws are finished having their children so no family will be pregnant. I try and keep positive and pray that my turn is soon!!!


Jen - August 17

I sooo hear all of you. In the two years that we have been trying, I have had 13 friends and family members either have babies or get pregnant...aahh! I have also had to throw 2 of the baby showers, because they were for my sister-in-laws and it somehow ended up being my responsibility. I guess the most frustrating thing of all this for me is that of all 13 of those friends...only 3 were actually trying to get pregnant!!! What's up with that?? One of them that had twins...wasn't even sure she was happy about being pregnant...aaahhh! People like that shouldn't be allowed to breed!!! Anyhow, hang in there everyone. I pray we all get our little miracles soon!


Me Again - August 17



KellyN - August 17

Well, I participate on another chat forum like this. I joined a nice group of women who were all ttc. This month, everyone on the thread got a bfp except me. Af started instead, and now I'm back to square one! I started participating in one of the threads for us women who are having a hard time ttc (I have pcos). It just feels so sad for all your "cycle buddies" to get pg except you, and all I get is "it will happen in time".


MAS - August 17

KellyN, where is that chat forum? I would love to join. I can definitely use the support. Please let me know. Thank you.


Teena - August 17

Hi ladies. I have a question. I have a friend who is ttc and since "it'll happen in time," seems to be an offensive comment, I'm wondering what I should say to her instead? I really want to be supportive of her, but don't know what to say. Should I just not say anything? I also want you to know that I appreciate your posts because if and when you all have children, I can tell you will be very good mommies.. and this world does need good mommies.


Mari - August 17

I suggest that you be supportive by letting her now that you will be there for her and give your opinion when she asks. I can tell that you are a good friend. Good luck to you both!


Mari - August 17

oops, last message was for Teena :-)


to "and" - August 17

I do not consider myself "bitter". I just feel if anyone knowingly does anything to harm an innocent child because of their own selfishness it is wrong. Not just smoking, but drinking, using drugs, participating in dangerous activities, working if the doctor prescribes bedrest ect. The reason this upsets me so, is the fact my sister in law had three children. With all three she was rushed to the emergency room at least 3 times with each pregnancy to stop labor. One baby was born very ill on a respirator for 2 weeks in the hospital for 1 month, because of her heavy smoking. The first I could see, but the second two? You think the problems she had with the first would scare her. It didn't. Her cigarrettes were more important than her babies health. Also the pediatritian told her not to smoke in the house or near the sick baby, since his lungs are not fully developed. She smokes while feeding him a bottle. I consider that selfish. If you consider me being bitter that is your opinion. I am also tired of the comments on "it will happen in due time" "If it was meant to be it will be" and my favorite from a friend of mine who has no problems getting preg. "why don't you wait another year so we can be preg. together" I have been trying 16 months with a mc in April and she wants me to stop trying and wait till next year arggggg. But the knowingly putting a babies life at risk takes the cake for me. I am sorry if you though I was being bitter. I am not this is just my opinion.


Mrs Vent - August 18

Well ladies, my g/f is pregnant through IVF first time round! I have to say, it made my morning as i know she has been going through alot to get to where she is now but at the same time I did get teary as I just want to be where is she. I want to rub my belly, talk to my baby and have a grin from ear to ear! To Teena, all I could tell you is be supportive, let her know you are there for her whenever she needs you. Have lunch with her once in a while so she feels special to you. I tend to have 2 type of friends - 1 that will say "If it was meant to be then it will be" and the 2nd friend who stay right away from the subject of babies and acts ignorant. I know all I want is someone who calls me once in a while to ask how I am. I just feel like a reject at times and for someone to go out of their way to say "I'm thinking of You" makes a big difference.


KellyN - August 18

MAS, this is the link to the other forum. Its all about signs of being pg, and its a sister site to this one.


KellyN - August 18

Oh, take out the dash between Q and A, and that should be it.


Teena - August 18

Thank you for your responses. It has been hard knowing what to say and to tell you the truth, the first thing that has always wanted to pop out of my mouth is just what you all don't want to hear. Thanks for your comments and thoughts though. It helped. The best to all of you!



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