The Pill
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Melissa - April 3

I here all the time I got off the pill and the next month I was pregnant? Me and my husband are both healthy and in our 20's. We have been trying for 6 mths. nothing, i have tried the ovulation kit, having sex every night, everyother night during ovulating, and get my mind of it have sex when we feel like it. NOTHING, my Doc, said wait ONE year and come see me, any suggestions? Thanks


Raeshel - April 4

I want to get pregant but I am on the pill?


Heather - April 4

Melissa, are your periods "normal"?


Duh!!! - April 4

Raeshel, What you submitted makes no want to get pregnant but you are on the pill....get off the pill if you want to get preggo!!


Melissa - April 4

my periods are on 24 to 28 day cycles. I start the day after I take a preg test, Must be nerves or something like that. Last month I tried the don't think about it thing and I was writing a check for groc and asked what day it was the guy said the 26th and I thought oh my I have not had my period, but two day later here it came.


Kitten!! - April 4

It seems like whenever you think just maybe you might be pregnant, and ya take a test, the next day your period comes. Just like you said!! Sucks huh?? I always think, I should've waited, what a waste of a test, maybe the test is wrong, and why do I set myself up for that downfall. I guess everyone's body is different, but I hear ppl say all the time they got off the shot and were pregnant in a month. I was on the shot and have been hearing some real horror stories.:(
But I have also heard of some ppl getting pregnant quickly after the shot (is that just a fairy tale??). My point is that everyone is differen't and the wait sucks more than anything. I hate that the docs want us to wait for a year of TTC to get some answers. It's not fair. 9 months is long enough, plus the TTC time, and ayear on top of that. Thats a couple of years. So I feel your pain. We all do. Baby Dust to you!!


Kitten!! - April 4

I meant I hear of ppl getting off pill and pregnant in one month, not the shot. oops!!


Melissa - April 4

I have heard rumors (lol) of those people and it is all just a waiting game, thanks for the dust. I just got a new job and my new boss, said that within the last nine months someone has gotten preg or had a baby, so I plan to drink a lot of water there, so either it will be my turn or I will get to see all the pic and here all the stories


Kitten!! - April 5

Hopefully you will get your turn really soon!! :)


Jenni - April 5

I am one of the ones that got preg really easy. I had my IUD removed and concieved on my 1st period. I went to get a test the other day but would only be 5 days into it. The dr said I was being silly, I wasn't in the ovulation phase of my cycle etc. She wouldn't even believe I concieved the day my period finished.
Yes we are out there, no its not a myth. We get it back on the next one though. I have been trying for 5 months now and it kills when the test is neg. Maybe your next will happen quickly and surprise you :-)



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