the opposite of negative
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albertagirl - May 26

I just tested postive!!! Now to find a good way to tell the Dad...any creative ideas?


Melissa - May 26

CONGRATS! I heard of this lady who spelled it out with cheese whiz on crackers for hubbys snack. I always wanted to plan a romantic dinner and have baby bottles for glasses (instead of drinking glasses) but, with my 1st I was in shock and walked around like a zombie asking him if he saw what I saw. :-)


christina - May 26

i saw these mints wrapped in little blue and pink parer that said were going to have a baby, you could set up a romantic dinner and have those on the plate....instead of champagne have out apple juice throw those kinda hints,lol, congrats!


christina - May 26

paper-my typing is so quick i always spell wrong here,lol, and they only were a big bag for 1.00 if you dont see then where you liv ei could pick them up and send them if ya like that idea.


nancy - May 26

Congrats to you....i think preparing for a romantic dinner will be a great idea, and for dessert serve ice cream or cake with pacifier on



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