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Jas112 - March 26

Hi Girls i wonder if you can please enlighten me i would very much appreiciate it...---------------------------------------------
just spoke to My Dr. on the phone and told her about my AF coming on the weekend. I also told her that we would like to have a month break. she asked if we were interested in taking any medication and i said ok.... she wrote a prescribtion for my DH that i have to pick up from the clinic, she said they are sachets he has to take 2 times a day every day..(does anyone have any idea what it is).... she told me just to take my folic acid and evening primrose oil and to make an appointment for the 2nd day of MY NEXT period so she can start me on the medication????... (WHAT SHE GONNA DO TO ME) anyone have any ideas???? please help what medication (stupied me forgot to ask) and she is sooooooooooo busy i embarrased to call again


tanner789 - March 27

you need to call your dr again even if its not something you wanna do, there are so many meds we would not be able to answer this for you, even speak to a nurse its all in your chart and that their job, this is your baby making steps and you should be able to ask the right questions-good luck



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