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isa - October 27

thanks your thoughts on the flu shot. Ali welcome back and goodluck tomorrow, I hope you get a great scan.Saying prayers for another good count and motility for tomorrows iui. I"ll keep you posted.


Christy - October 27

Welcome lola! Sad to hear of your AF arriving. I agree with Becca that you probably ovulated earlier than you normally do. I go for my u/s to check my follicles on 10/31. It sounds like we will be pretty close in the 2ww. Toni, i know what you mean about getting the flu shot. My dr prefers preg women get it. My sil got it in her 1st trimester per her dr's request...she has a healthy 4 y/o. I personally don't get the shot as i'm a nurse and pretty damn immune to most of the junk out there. However, i did get my kids immunized yesterday. Personally, i would play it safe...but the shot is not a live virus so i doubt it would cause you or your baby any harm. I guess i am of no help as i sound so wishy-washy! Sorry. Tonya, where are you staying at Disney? Dh and i are planning our first trip to Disney with the kids and don't know much about it. Any info would be great! AmyR, hang in there, Friday will be here and gone before you know it and we can start planning for our Nov. BFP's! Isa, your cycle sounds great! NOV is the month! Becca, can't wait to hear the news Fri. You sound prepared for either outcome..thatta girl! Lee, does your dh like the name Hope? Any idea when you will get to meet her? I'm so excited for you and your family. Ali, feeling good and pregnant yet! well, i need to get to bed, good night..Baby dust to everyone.***


Lee - October 27

Thanks Christy and everyone, Good morning. A big day for ISA and ALI-Good luck, God bless and tomorrow a big day for my TONI Girl, BECCA and AMYR I will be with you guys in my heart. Meanwhile, a big week for the rest of you next week, so we are just busy on the HOPE network here :) DH does seem to be leaning toward Hope, at least in the name somewhere. I will see her well before I meet her (the date I am wishing for is June 1) so I will have the luxury of selecting a name that really fits her. Best to all today and for the next 2weeks (ISA).
Love Lee


Toni - October 27

Christy I was also worried about whatever they use to preserve the shot. Thimeresol or mercury or what? But anyways I am waiting and I got the kids done yesterday. Dh is next! Can't wait to hear how Ali's u/s goes! Ali you had 4 follicles so this could be exciting!! I feel the same. Tired sometimes and then other times I can't sleep. My abs are sore like I have really worked out so they hurt when I move to quickly. How about you? Isa, here is hoping for a great count!! Everyone else, good luck for all upcoming events! Lee, that is so cool you can get a pic! Wish we could all see it too!


Becca - October 27

Good morning all! Not much to report here. I have already peed 2 times in the hour I have been up so that is helping keep positive that there is still room for a miracle. I hope today goes by fast! BABY DUST!


Tonya - October 27

Hey everyone...Ali, what time is your appt. today?? I'm anxious to hear the good news...Christy, we are staying at the Carribean Beach Resort...we stayed there last year and loved it...last year was our first trip and we couldn't believe how great it is...there is this website called and they list discount codes, if there are any...last year the CBR only cost us $77/night with the discount code...this year its costing us $160/night (that is including tax), but we didn't have a discount code this that's key to saving $$$...we just ordered tickets through (407)wdisney, Disney...But, the big thing, we didn't know last year was that it is SO HARD to get in to the Cinderella's Royal Table breakfast...I told my dd, oh, we're going to eat with Cinderella...BIG Mistake...the lady at Disney, told me it books up 3 months in advance (which is the soonest you can reserve) and sells out w/i 10 min. of them opening....this year, we are going...I set my alarm and called 2 days and barely squeked by a table for 4...I feel like I hit the lotto (to pay for an expensive breakfast, no less) but, its with the princesses and my dd (5 yrs) is overjoyed. my ds (2 yrs) likes the princesses too, but I'm going to take him to Chef Mickey's, cause Mickey is his favorite....Anyway, glad you're going on Monday for u/s...Becca, Toni waiting on Friday...Lee, that's awesome about seeing her in June...I can't wait to hear about sweet Hope...Isa, how was your IUI this morning??? Babydust***


Tonya - October 27

squeked (spelling ???)


isa - October 27

well good morning gals and good news again. Our count was good again today (for iui) and he gave me a 90% after wash motility so I"m very very pleased. I cramped so badly twice when he wooshed the swimmers into me. I dont remember the last 3 x's it hurting like that. Does increase in motility make that happen haha? Anyways now lets hope for good news in 2 weeks and Ali let us know how your appt goes today and Becca and AmyR. Toni, Lee, Tonya, Christy thank you all for your kind words and prayers, they are so working (grin). Going to lie down just wanted you to know all went well.


Toni - October 27

Isa that is great! I have heard that if the dr puts the swimmers in too quickly that it can cause cramping. I had cramping with mine, so maybe that is a good sign? :) Ali, I wish you that you were back with a post. Can't wait to hear it!!!


Lee - October 27

Isa, I hope you are sitting around with your feet up! This is your month, I can feel it. Stay in touch, we will be here to support you through the two week wait!


Roxie - October 27

Hi ladies. I've read through your posts and am most impressed by how well you all endure the wait and disappointment. I am 5 days post IUI. A quick overview...I am 38. My FSH was 7-something on day 3. This is my first IUI attempt. I started on 100 mg clomid day 3-7. I had US on day 11 (October 21st). It showed 2 follicles (about 18 and 20) and a few smaller ones (about 14). I had an hcg trigger that night, and inseminated the next morning (Saturday) and again on Sunday. Since then, I have been on estrogen and progesterone (administered vaginally--not pleasant). I am beside myself waiting. I am bloated, my boobs are killing me, I'm breaking out, and I feel queasy all the time. But this is all likely to be due to the hormones (or horrormones, as my friends call them). Anyway, I am here for a little support during my wait. It is very comforting to talk to people who understand. Thank you for being there!


Toni - October 27

Welcome Roxie! This is a great group of supporters. I am 39 and this was my first IUI as well. It worked! Are you tense about it? The 2ww is very hard. Did they give you a date to test?


isa - October 27

Hi Roxie, I'm 40, this was my 2nd round of iuis (yesterday and today) clomid 100mg last month, 50 this month and I also was on injectibles both months. Went on estrogen both months for thin lining, corrected lining really well, and i start prog. supps tomorrow 2x day but I use them rectally not vaginally (doc said it was less of a risk of infection and itch which i am very prone to ) and they are not problem at all there. I too am bloated in the pouch are of abs and look in my mind pg. Was told it is from my needles ugh. I've been cramping all day today since this mornings iui so I am very uncomfortable. We are here for support for you so stick around.


isa - October 27

Toni thanx for the info on shooting them up too quickly if i have to do this next month I will tell him to go slowly. I had the female doc yesterday who was a little more gentle I guess and thanx to you and Lee for being so supportive and helpful I'm going to need you this 2ww as it seems like my chances are so much better and if I am not pg this month it will be the roughest month yet.


Toni - October 27

Isa we area glad to be here for you! I can relate to what you are saying. How can it not work when you have all of these great stats? That is why I almost dreaded my test day. I did not want to see that bfn. In my mind it could have gone either way. But I have forgotten, what was your underlying problem before all the clomid/iui stuff? Was it the dh? Where is ALI??????


Mel - October 27

Welcome Roxie. We are one day apart in our 2ww. I did my IUI on October 21st, so today is day 6 for me. Nothing much happening right now except my 7 day post ovulation test and the yucky progesterone supplements! Isa, this last time, I did get a bit of cramping as well and I agree with the theory that that happens when the spermies are injected too quickly! But who knows, maybe that is when it works better???? Let's keep our fingers and toes crossed!



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