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AmyR - October 26

Wow!@!@!@ I agree Lee, there's way too much excitement going on for me. How are you doing?? any more plans? I'm just anxiously awaiting my HSG Fri, and Becca's results . Isa- you go girl... everything seems perfect for you, and I think this is yours and Becca's month!!! Toni and Ali how are you ladies feeling today? Christy, how are you?? I'm wondering if LIZ is o.k. are you out there Liz??


Becca - October 26

Isa- That is wonderful! This is definitely your month. Toni- I have heard that is is perfectly fine to get the flu shot anytime after 6 weeks from lmp. This week is going so slow. I am rooting for a BFP on Friday because my RE and I counted and I tested last time only 10 dpo (or what I think was ovulation) if the trigger shot didn't work. I have also peed every hour or more today. Either way...I just wish Friday would get here. BABY DUST*~*~*~*~*~*~


Tonya - October 26

Isa, that is GREAT news!!!! I'm so excited for you....Toni, my OB recommends getting a flu shot in the 1st trimester....Becca, the peeing a lot is a good sign....Ali, can't wait until tomorrow for you....Lee, hope you're having a great day with dd...any more going on yet?? And welcome Lola...:)


Tonya - October 26

Oh, and I forgot to tell you, Amy R, that I'm excited about you for Friday...I'll be trying again as soon as we get back from Disneyworld...Nov. 12th or it might be the month for both of us....:)


Toni - October 26

Thanks guys for all of your answers. My RE's office said that I could but I am still nervous. My What to Expect book says after the first trimester. Maybe I will just get my kids done today and then I can go to another one in Mid-Nov as I am only 5 weeks today. If I wait until after the first tri. then it will be Jan. ISA, this is your month! Friday hurry up and get here!!!!!!


isa - October 26

need your thoughts here, i was thinking about going for my flu shot after my 2nd iui tomorrow, which technically I'm not pg yet and well i dont want the flu this year if I am pg b/c its supposed to be a bad year. What are your thoughts? Would it cause any troubles with implantation do you think. ?


Lee - October 26

ISA- Absolutely not. Sit tight.


isa - October 26

to Lee you mean absolutely not take it or absolutely ok to take? sorry confused


Toni - October 26

Hey guys, I just got a call from the ob I am going to use and they said they prefer if you wait until after 12th week. So I am getting everyone else in my house immunized so that will reduce my risk. Isa, I would wait also.


Lee - October 26

ISA Tonya's OB and mine clearly differ, but you should not take ANYTHING while you are in the midst of an IUI, just wait.


Lee - October 26

I meant Toni and I, but you know what I mean.............TONI, your "OB", does that rock or what?


Toni - October 26

Lee it totally rocks! I am going to meet with two and then decide who I like best. I am now making a list of questions I want to ask. Any suggestions?


Lola - October 27

Thanks everyone for your warm welcome.. Toni- When I first started ttc they checked my hormones and my progesterone was just slightly low, my dr didn't seemed concerned and hasn't given me anything for it. Right before my iui's they do check my progesterone levels, so I think they're normal but I will definitely ask. I have my follie scan on nov.4th, this time I will do 2 iui's back to back. Becca-I'm hoping you'll hear great news on Friday. Isa- sounds like everything is coming along great, now all you have to do is keep yourself and mind busy for the 2ww. *** Baby dust to all ****


ali - October 27

hey ladies! i had so much catching up to do, but my computer is up and running again so i am back on for good! welcome, is great to have you! becca, just a day and a half left till your big test! i am rooting for sounds like your situation is filled with hope! isa, wow!! sounds like this may really be your month! how are you doing, tonya? are you feeling better? toni, feeling any different? still sleepy? my ultrasound is tomorrow at 9am and i am afraid that i won't be able to sleep tonight. i am so anxious to see my little sac!! i bet you are just as anxious for friday. lee, how is my pregnancy guru today? amy, try not to worry about your hsg on friday..sounds like you will be very prepared!! i will let you all know how things go tomorrow! baby dust to all and have a great night!


Toni - October 27

Lola, most of us on here are automatically put on prog supps with the IUI (no matter our levels). Mine was borderline low with my other two kids and I was on supps then too. I would def. ask for those! It can't hurt.


isa - October 27

thanks your thoughts on the flu shot. Ali welcome back and goodluck tomorrow, I hope you get a great scan.Saying prayers for another good count and motility for tomorrows iui. I"ll keep you posted.



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