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Lee - October 25

Making a stab at moving us over, maybe we will all get lucky, I will post over there later on.


Bump - October 25



Toni - October 25

Lee I found you!


bump - October 26

Cool Toni, we will see if they others come over, meantime, keep checking the other post. Sleep tight little mama. I am excited for Friday.


Becca - October 26

Found it! Wow we are already starting a new thread! The other thread I am on has been going since August and we are not changing (it is a very lucky thread) until everyone is pg. There have been 6 BFP in 2 months! Anyways, I found the new thread (obviously) and I have it in my favorites on my home computer. Hopefully this thread is lucky too. BABY DUST!


AmyR - October 26

Can you believe that I found you so quick after all the trouble I had last time.. Ha Ha Anyway here I am!!! This seems like it's going to be the lucky thread for many of us... Baby Dust to All.. Good night


isa - October 26

I'm here. Becca my clinic does 2 iui's each month, one day after the other. I didnt know that was different from other clinics. I'm psyched I hope this is my month. Good luck with your Friday results, wow this week is a big week for all of us. I'm happy for the new thread, some threads I try to read are so long my computer doesnt work so well pulling in the info so i end up missing some things I might want to read. Good night all.


Christy - October 26

Hi Ladies! Becca, i hope you get a bfp on Friday! Good luck! Isa, i will be thinking of you for your 2 iui' I wish my RE did 2 iui's, it makes more sense. AmyR, your hsg will be a breeze! I'll send you an extra prayer on Friday. your lucky, i didn't get valium. After taking that you probably won't care what the RE is doing down below! Thanks Lee and Toni for your info on the progesterone. I'm going to bring it up on Monday during my appt. When the nurse mentioned injectables if this cycle doesn't work, i guess she means meds that make you produce even MORE follicles than Femara? Oh well i guess i'll cross that road when i get there. Hopefully i'll get my bfp in Nov. and it won't be an issue. Toni, i'm glad your feeling okay...boy i remember the tiredness! Ali, we are so glad you are okay...thanks for letting us know as we were all worried. Still waiting to hear from you Liz! I hope all is well. **babyDust**


Becca - October 26

Isa- That does seem to make sense to do 2 IUIs. However, I don't think I could take that much time off of work. I hope that I get some good news on Friday. My RE and dh both seem hopeful. BABY DUST!


Lola - October 26

Hello everyone.. I have not posted to this thread but I feel like I know all of you so well. I find myself keeping track of everyones progress. I myself have been TTC since Feb. of this year, my first try ended up in an ectopic pregnancy, luckily they saved my tube. My last IUI was on the 11th of this month and I was given a low dose of clomid along with the hcg trigger, unfortunately, af came today. The strange thing about this cycle is that af came at cd27 and my cycles are usually 29-31 days. I'm thinking that it might be the clomid, has anyone else experienced this? Sending hope to all!


Toni - October 26

This is a big week for a lot of people! Good luck to all, baby dust and glue! I think the 2 iui's sounds good to. One of the things I like about iui's is that the dr's do the timing for you and you can skip the cm issue. Isa I am praying for you! Lola, welcome to our thread! Are you on progesterone? Your lining sounds like it started breaking down too soon. I thought clomid made your luteal phase longer. I know it is used for luteal phase defiency. Does this feel like a long week to anyone?


Lee - October 26

I know it feels long to you TONI girlfriend! .......LOLA, welcome aboard............HI LADIES, BUSY DAY AHEAD, you are all in my thoughts!


Becca - October 26

Lola- The clomid is what is making your cycles off because it increases egg production and your eggs mature faster. You probably had eggs ready sooner so the trigger shot was given and you ovulated sooner then you normally would. You are just over 2 weeks after IUI so you should be ok, I would talk to your dr/RE and see about progesterone to make sure your luteal phase is long enough. Toni- I am with you, this week is going sooo sloooow. I am hoping Friday goes well one way or another. Either I get a BFP or definite neg so taht I can start provera. Of course the 1st one is the preferred choice but I am just grateful that I will be able to go another round this year if I am not. It is like my RE said though. Something made me not have a period. Wether that was my body saying it wasn't ready to start new meds yet or a little passenger that is in there. We shall see. BABY DUST!


Toni - October 26

Lee, flu shot or no flu shot? I have read that you should wait until the first trimester is over. Thoughts?


isa - October 26

Hello, fantastic news, did iui this am and dh had 65% motility which is the highest of any of our tests ever. He started 4 months ago at 31% then it dropped to 27% for next s/a and then 1st iui it was only 12% and the next day for iui #2 it was only 10% so can we say I'm thrilled woo hoo. Doc said numbers were great for an iui so I"m hoping. One more tomorrow am. I think I'm ovulating or I'm cramping from the procedure I'm not sure. I'll take it very easy today. Lola welcome, sorry i have no answers for you. Toni, I asked about flu shot and my RE said its ok (I'm in Canada thou so not sure if same shot as you-I'm a little nervous thou so I am waiting and thinking), Becca, I agree with you if its not bfp your body just wasnt ready yet and its hard to remember that when we are so anxious.Yes very long week but my next 2ww will be worse. I'm just too excited to even know how I will get through this months wait. Glue to eveyone and Friday is only 1 1/2 days away now so not too bad.


Lee - October 26

OH, all of this excitement is making me crazy. I am looking forward to Friday and Isa girl I just know it is your month. TONI lady, just talked to my ob's office, they do not wait until 2nd trimester anymore, at least there. If you can get an ob to promise to hold you one until 2nd tm, you could wait, but you do not want the flu. That is all I know but will happily make more calls for you. More soon, XXOO to all.


AmyR - October 26

Wow!@!@!@ I agree Lee, there's way too much excitement going on for me. How are you doing?? any more plans? I'm just anxiously awaiting my HSG Fri, and Becca's results . Isa- you go girl... everything seems perfect for you, and I think this is yours and Becca's month!!! Toni and Ali how are you ladies feeling today? Christy, how are you?? I'm wondering if LIZ is o.k. are you out there Liz??



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