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racquel - September 9

Ok, this might be stupid, but I was wondering if and when you find out you are pregnant, does how far along (how many weeks) you are go by the day you ovulate, or the day of your last period? I know the day I ovulated, but I didn't have a period the month before. So if it goes by the first day of your last period, then I would be 7 weeks instead of 3? Im not preggo yet, by the way, but I think I may be.. Just waiting till morning to test. Sorry if this was confusing. If anyone know what Im trying to say, only they can say it better, PLEASE do!! Just curious....


kc - September 9

There are 2 ways the doctors figure out how far along you are. The most common is by counting from your lmp. Some give you a gestational age which is from an estimated fertilization date. They usually wait for an ultrasound and go by the size of the embryo to determine gestational age. In your case it is very confusing. Since you know your ovulation date I would start counting 14 days before you ovulated and make that your lmp, only if you are sure on your ovulation date. This would be closer to how far along you are. If you are expecting a bundle, then an ultrasound at around 6 or 7 weeks will give a better idea on how far along you are. Good luck and lots of baby dust to you.



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