The Miracle Of Cristmas...join me for prayers
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loryjax - November 29

Cristmas.....A miracle month!The month that baby Jesus was born.It's a month that all our wishes may and i belive they will come true!I will pray foe each one of you that you will concive healthy babyies!May God create a miracle in your life!For me that is all i want for Cristmas!I wish you all get your wish this Cristmas!


linds99 - November 29

Awesome! Thanks for this one loryjax...same for you too! (I was born two days before Christmas, I am hoping I get a BFP after 14 months of trying, and it would be great birthday gift for my 30th). Please God, listen to all of our prayers for all these beautiful women on this forum who truly are making major sacrafices and pleas to become a mother. Bless our lives with an extension of you.


loryjax - November 29

linds99...May God give you the gift of life for your birthday!I will keep you in my prayers all the time.May your life be blessed with a bundle of joy!I hope next Cristmas you will have an ornament in your Cristmas tree that will read,,Baby first Cristmas"GOD BLESS YOU!


linds99 - November 29

loryjax, thanks so much for that personal message. It is very touching to read something like that. I also hope the Lord blesses your lives with a beautiful child. Gosh, I love knowing there are so many caring women out there, so kind.


loryjax - November 29

linds99...We all need a kind word sometimes in life.And 2 prayers are better than one.You can count on my prayers.I will be praying for both of us and for all the womans.I pray that God will help us create a new life soon.On Christmas eve i promise to lite up a candle for you and may that lite guide my prayer to the angels of God to bring you, me and all the womans that are waiting for a miracle a healthy baby.


linds99 - November 29

what a lady you are...I of course will do the same for you...and a major prayer for everyone too. We all soo deserve this after all we've been through!


lovemy3 - November 29

Mee too for you guys. Linds, didn't know you were going to be the birthday girl this month!!! and your 30th to boot- gosh I feel old!lol XOXO



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