the linning of my uterus is to thin
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shortie81blondie - January 9

i was having really bad cramping after my period had stopped and the doctor told me that i had a cyst on my ovaries that had broke. thats why i was having the pains. He also told me that the linning of my uterus is to thin so the egg cannot stick. So ehat can i do to get the linning thicker so i can get pregnant?


linds99 - January 9

Progesterone supplements and estrogen therapy may be something you may have to look into. I know sometimes women take baby aspirin during the follicular phase to thin the blood and get better blood flow to the uterus, which builds it up a bit. But if this is a continual problem for you, progesterone and estrogen therapy should be discussed more in depth with your doctor. You need both to have a good cycle, estrogen dominates in the follicular phase, building the lining, before ovulation occurs and progesterone takes over and supports a growing fetus when it implants in the blood-rich uterus.


slowpoke01 - January 15

you may think that i am crazy but i just read on the net the other night that women can take viagra to thicken the uterine lining. you may ask your doc about it. worth a shot. good luck


jamij - January 15

My doc gave me progesterone suppositories to thicken my lining. He had me start using them right after ovulation.



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