The Immaturity On This Forum!!!!
33 Replies
Drew - June 7

Is there any way to end a thread? If there is maybe that would be a good thing to do so no one else has the oppertunity to hurt everyone.


to you dont know me like that - June 7

?????????huh, what??????? dont understand ya, you lost me there!


isabella - June 7

I think ur the immature one, women come on there to help eachother and to share experinces, i have spoken to so many women have opened so many doors i didnt know existed to falling pregnant, im 18 and i have been trying to fall pregnant for 6 months now, all these women on this forum have all helped one another, so i think you should take ur immature comments some where else, because i know that everyone would agree with ME!!!! Good luck ladies!!!



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