The craziest thing you've done while waiting to test?
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Chi-Girl - October 9

The dreaded two weeks wait (tww). You think you feel something… you’re hoping and praying, but it’s still a game of wait and see. So… while some of us are still waiting to see I thought we could have a little fun by sharing THE CRAZIEST THING YOU’VE DONE DURING YOUR 2WW. In August, when I thought that I might be pregnant (during the 2ww), I ordered a nine month subscription to Pregnancy Magazine, bought the cutest little onesies and a baby name book (started circling names), and registered to a bunch of online motherhood websites and even tortured a few due date calculators (lol). Ofcourse, the test was negative and now I still have all of this stuff. Am I the one only one who has done something like this? If not… let’s laugh about it with one another. Especially since family and friends just won’t understand. So, to pass the time during this month’s 2ww let’s read each other’s crazy stories. WHAT IS THE CRAZIEST THING YOU’VE DONE DURING YOUR 2WW?


matzgrl - October 9

Last December, I had convinced myself that I was pregnant. I had unexplained swollen breasts and nausea for a whole week. I just KNEW I was pregnant! I was especially excited about it b/c I was supposed to find out for sure with a pregnancy test Christmas morning. I thought I was going to surprise my dh with the news that morning. I was thrilled!!! I mean...what a wonderful gift- especially on Christmas! So...all week I thought of creative ways to present my husband with this news. Since he loves white chocolate, I bought pastel pink and blue white-chocolate and melted it into candy molds that were shaped as baby things such as: bottles, storks, booties,etc. Then, I packaged the candy in a small box, wrapped it with christmas wrap, and attached a greeting card to it that read:" You're going to be a Daddy!" I couldn't wait to see his shock! Instead, I was the one that was shocked when I started my period Christmas morning! Isn't that sad?...but kind of funny all at the same time?!! Sometimes we want something so badly that we believe it's true.


Chi-Girl - October 10

Matzgrl, that is such a cute story. Did you still give him the chocolate? Hey.... Halloween is coming up... maybe this will be the month to tell him that there is a "pumkin" in your patch.


matzgrl - October 10

No, I didn't give him the chocolate. I was hoping to get pregnant the next month, but unfortunately it hasn't happened yet. Maybe this month will be my month.


ginger6363 - October 10

hey girls, those are some good stories. A couple of months ago I thought I was PG; I would have bet cash $. I was 2 weeks late with all the symptoms. I was so excited I went out shopping for maternity clothes. I didn't buy any; I just tried them on. It was fun, and I was making the shopping list of "must-haves." Then, I started my period. :( Apparently, I just ovulated 2 weeks late.


ginger6363 - October 10

so, you want crazy: I just remembered that I have a small box (14x14x14) of baby clothes (boy's and girl's outfits) that I bought with my employee discount when I worked at an exclusive children's apparel store in Boston while I was doing grad school. I bought them for "the baby" 4 years before we even started ttc!


Chi-Girl - October 10

Ginger, hold on to those clothes... you might need them soon :-). I have a bunch of childrens book that I got during another 2ww too. Onlt DH knows about these things, I am too embarrassed to tell family and friends... so I'm telling y'all. :-)


ginger6363 - October 10

Yeah, it can be embarrasing to get carried away. But, look at this way: we are just really, really excited to be parents one day. :)


linds99 - October 10

I thought I was pregnant last February when I didn't get a period since my birthday last December, I went under the sink in my bathroom and "threw away" all my maxi-pads and tampons. I was so excited to get rid of them. Then, two days later, AF came in the middle of the night and I had "NOTHING!" I just about wanted to die.


ginger6363 - October 10

linds, that's hilarious!! It sounds like something I would do.


matzgrl - October 11 I was too embarrassed to share this in the last story, but the last time I thought I was PR, I bought 2 bags full of baby clothes. And...did I mention that there is a bassinett in my spare bedroom?!!! I seriously need to control my excitement and get a grip!


linds99 - October 11

Ginger, seriously is wasn't funny at the time. It is now though...My poor husband thought I killed a deere in our bed! It was a bad one. Sorry TMI. Matzgrl, I saw a bassinette at a garage sale last summer and I told the lady to "hold it for me because I would come back to get it in an hour...when my husband wasn't home so I could sneak it in the house. THe things we do!


ginger6363 - October 11

linds, I am glad you are able to laugh about it now. I am sure it wasn't at all funny at the time, but it makes for a good story!! Matzgrl, I hear you on the clothes---it's so hard to resist all those cutie and cuddly duds!


Chi-Girl - October 16

Hey Matzgrl, Ginger, and Linds. I also forgot to mention that one time during a 2ww I SWORE up and down that I was having cravings. I was eating everything in sight and gained 5 pounds in two weeks... it turned out that I was just being a pig (lol). ***By the way.... I've been trying to post for a week and each time I hit submit I get an error message. Does this happen to anyone else?***


matzgrl - October 16

Chi-Girl, that has never happened to me before. I don't know what the problem could be. Sorry I can't help!


ginger6363 - October 16

I haven't received any errors, either.


lovemy3 - October 16

When I bought picture frames for our staircase when we moved into our new home last Oct, I bought 3 for the kids I have now, and then bought a matching one for the future fourth. it is still sitting in my cupboard!



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