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crystal - August 19

We are going to see a reproductive specialist at the end of this month for the first time. Although we already know all the cost of the treatments, we have no idea how much the infertility drugs. I know that it really depends on each situation and problem, but can you tell us how much you paid for CLOMID, FSG, and HCG for each cycle?


D. - August 19

Clomid only cost me about $25 a cycle. But my insurance covered a portion of it. My big stuff (the stuff I did for IVF) came out to be about $3000 per cycle (No insurance coverage)


Sue Z. 38 - August 19

You may want to try IVFmeds our of the U.K. They are a lot cheaper. I didn't go that route because my doctor didn't want me to because she is a M.D. in the U.S., but other people do it all the time. I paid 1000.00 for my first cycle but our office helped me out with part of my meds. It is usually 2000.00 per try.


tina - August 19

I'm just reading the info from my clinic and under meds it says 'check with your insurance on coverage as these meds are expensive. Averagae cost PER CYCLE is $1500 (Canadian). So i guess it means some are more and some are less but thats the average.


Edy - August 20

I paid approx $50 for 100mg for 5 days and $60 for HCG.. This is in the U.S. hope this helps.


not sure - August 20

i am at wok and not sure where my wife got our meds at, but she researched online and found a company in europe thats was about half the caost. what would have cost us around 1500 from the docs office ran us around 375. we showed our fertility doc the meds and info and he is even ordering from them now. i will try and get the info and post it once i get home.


Crystal - August 20

Thannks for your information. I don't think my insurance will cover the cost of drugs... but I will try to look for a good deal on the internet.



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