The chances for me?
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Nicoleawh - March 16

Well im Nikki and me and my husband have been trying to get prgnat for the past five years been to tuns of doctors and all the say is that I got a harmonal inbalance been to another one he says my uterus is swollen and I may have fibroids so what are my chances of having a baby if I have fibroids?


Patsy - March 16

Hi hun, doesnt sound good, you poor thing. I also have fibroids and lost my uterus. I was and will never be able to have children. I am so sorry to hear about this and hope it will be different for you.


. - March 16

I worked for a Dentist that had fibroids, she was told she would never have children, she had 3 oops!! All healthy and active little ones!! Goodluck, you never know!!


Ann - March 16

Nicole, I have fibroids, and I have talked to my dr about them extensively. It depends a lot on the particular situation, such as where the fibroids are located and how big they are. I had surgery to "shave" mine down. It was a very easy procedure called a hysteroscopy. I know you've said you have been to a lot of drs, but I would try to get another opinion on it from a dr who is willing to do some additional evaluations on you to determine the cause. You probably should go to a reproductive endocrinologist. Hope this helps.


MO - March 16

my mother has sever fibroids - she had 3 kids.... my younger sister suffers from fibroids as well - she has 4 kids..... i am the one with no fibroids, no endo, no hormonal issues, no irregular periods, nada - i have "undexplained infertility" -go figure.... BEST OF LUCK TO YOU! STAY STRONG :)



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