The Big Question...
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Pretty Pony - August 18

Does the type of sex you have affect the baby that results? Does doggie-style make actual dogs? My sunday-school teacher told me that if I do it wrong, a freak-baby might come out.


?????? - August 18

No offense, but is this a joke? Would you actually think that having sex doggie style would cause you to concieve a dog?! Quite a shock on the delivery table!! If you are truly serious, then honey you've been completely mislead! You can have sex forwards, backwards, upside name it and you'll still conceive a BABY! Either way, the sperm goes in you and meets with the egg...thus creating human life. If you are trying to have a baby right now or will be in the future, I would seriously suggest taking an anatomy class or atleast talking in depth with someone who knows more about the human body than your Sunday school teacher! And if your just a curious 10 yr. old, talk to your mom and dad. They should be able to explain it all to you.


To ?????? - August 19

I think their pulling your leg. Probably someone with too much time on their hands.



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