The Best Vitamin ??? any idea
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Amanda - March 31

I am looking to start a vitiamin (i guess kind of like a prenatal vitamin) before i start clomid in may. Any one have any suggestions.. i know that your not suppose to have to much vitamin A and a certain amount of folic acid... last year i was taking a prenatal vitamin that walmart had .. is that one a good vitamin?? any help would be great thanks!!!


Amanda - March 31

does anyone know?? thanks


Nancy - March 31

I guess you can take a pre natal vitamins, anything that has folic acid is good, i'm also taking a prenatal vitamins (Rite Aid Brand...) I think walmart,walgreens,rite aid and brands like this are fine they have the same components as the pricey ones.


JENZEY - March 31

I take prescription prenatal vitamins, they are called prenate.


Katt - March 31

hi amanda, puritan's pride brand called Pre-Natal Complex is good. Buy one get one at - I take that plus an extra 4mg of Folic Acid per my doctors recommendation.



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