The Best Mommies to be Part 9.... Stay Strong!
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diem - April 3

Ok ladies. We've been through a lot these past months. It's very hard to stay strong with so much happening or rather NOT happening. It's so nice to have you all because you give me strength. We give eachother strength. Let's find the strength within....let's stay positive...because we deserve this more than ANYONE!!!! It's time for BFP's and for healthy babies.


diem - April 3

Not much going on over here. Just waiting for AF. She probably won't come for another 2 weeks. I am feeling MUCH better than the past few weeks. I have spring break (late, I know) starting on Friday and on Tuesday we go to VEGAS!!!!! We are also heading to Utah for 2 days to ski. Wasn't planning on skiing, but since I'm not pregnant I thought I'd take advantage. I can't wait to get out of town and just escape for a while. PLUS, I can have many a cocktail while in Vegas. YAY! I've been trying to workout more since my metabolism is so screwed up. My body doesn't know what's going on....eating for two? eating for one? Pg...not pg. What a mess. I don't mind gaining weight I just want a baby in the end. Anyways, I hope everyone is doing well. K8, sorry that AF is on the way but it sounds like you are ok with it and have a plan.


Lucky717 - April 3

Thanks for starting a new thread. We needed it. Baby-Baby what injectables did you use and were you monitored with ultrasound? I am on the fence about IUI. Did you do back to back IUIs? Please tell me exactly what you did. We are meeting with the RE on Friday. *****DIEM **** Have fun in Vegas!! Be naughty while you are there and indulge in some crazy stuff. **** k8*** glad to know you have a plan. Keep us posted. I am on CD 18 now. We have to BD tonight. YAY! **** Bina *** The only reason why DH isn't receptive to IVF is because we don't have the $$ for it. Our insurance does not cover any of it and my DH works for Blue Cross Blue Shield go figure!!! At any rate if cost weren't a factor he would do it. **TWhit*** How are you? Are you on progesterone to bring on AF? ***NEWMOMMY*** Any news on DH's count yet? Sorry he is so sick. That sucks! Are you scheduled yet for IUI? Looks like a few of us are moving in that direction. Would't it be great to get BFP's from it????? *** Well girls I am sleepy and need to get some rest. I cried my ass off yesterday and everything's catching up with me. Thank you for being so supportive everyone. You are by far the classiest ladies and have huge hearts. I am so thankful for each and every one of you. Sleep tight and baby dust to those dancing 2-nite!


SaintRose83 - April 3

Hey Ladies... just waiting on the results from the chromosome testing they did on me....waiting is hard... I hope everything turns up okay. I am using my OPK.. maybe I can ovulate naturally on this cycle, since I didn't get to take Clomid.


newmommy - April 3

Hello ladies! We have company over right now, so I'll write more later. Just wanted to fill you in. I've been having a lot of watery cm today, and "dripping" feeling all day. Also, my cervix feels softer than it's ever been. For me, this is way early, but I'm thinking about getting some opk's just to check what's going on. Also, I got a temp dip today. DH and I BD'd last night. Not sure if we'll hold off until tomorrow night (we're trying to stick with every other night to keep the count up), or if we'll go for it tonight just in case. Now I'll be really curious what my u/s shows Thursday! Do you girls think I should go for it tonight, or wait until tomorrow, which could possibly be "o" day based on my dip today? I'll check in later. You guys ROCK!!!! I second everyone else's opinion on that! This is the best group of ladies out there!!!!!!!!!


babybaby - April 3

Hi Lucky, I did Femara from days 3-7 then Gonal-F 75IU from days 8-13. I had an ultrasound done on day 12 and another one on day 14. Took ovidrel shot day 15 and had IUI day 16. Keep in mind that my cycles were longer so it took me longer to produce mature follicles. It might be faster with you especially if you do straight up injectables. Timing is everything. Our first IUI was not monitored and we did it too late. The second one was done Sunday morning and by Sunday evening I could feel that I was releasing the follicles because I had strong ovulation cramps. The ovidrel shot takes between 24-36 hours to make you ovulate. Have your IUI around that time or a little before, not much after please!!! I had 3 big and mature follicles and one of them resulted in my little bean!!! All that I heard about bak to back IUIs is that it does not increase your chances that much. To be honest with you I would have done it if I could afford it. If your insurance covers it or if you can afford it just do it. I believe that it can only help especially if dh doesn't have a problem with his swimmers. Good luck to you. I have great respect of IUI and injectables. I took shots for 6 days straight plus the ovidrel shot. I am very, very glad I did that. I just wished I had done it much earlier. I hope that it works for you. Let us know what you decide, ok?


newmommy - April 3

Okay, I'm back! :-) Baby, so good to hear from you again!!! I'm glad things are going so well for you. We'll all be joining you sooner or later! K8, I'm glad you're so excited about your upcoming plan! I think I'm only going to do 2 cycles and then I'm also on to IUI. Hopefully it won't come to that, but I know I'll be excited to actually do the IUI if the time comes. DH is doing a lot better now. He'll be on his medicine for another week or so, but his horrible cough is lightening up a bit. Bina, it so nice to hear that your procedure was so easy today. I hope all 4 eggs fertilize for you!!! Are you guys planning on transferring all 4 if they all make it? Diem, party down!!!! :-) Live it up while you can, girl! You deserve it! Lucky, no word on the sperm count yet. I'm going crazy!!! One of the andrologists is out all this week, so I have a feeling it won't be until early next week. I'm on pins and needles!!!! I just want those official numbers on paper, ya know???? I'm not scheduled for IUI yet. My Dr. wanted to try me on just Clomid and HCG trigger for a few cycles and see if it's just a matter of getting me to ovulate. She thinks that if she can just get me to ovulate, then getting me pregnant should be pretty easy. Her plan says up to 3 cycles of that, but I think I'll only do 2. I'm sitting this cycle out and waiting for the cyst to go away. We're just trying on our own. I have an u/s Thursday to see if the cyst is gone. (I HOPE SO!!!!). Hopefully all will be good, and I'll get to start the Clomid next cycle. I think I'll ask for IUI after 2 Clomid cycles. Right now, I'll just be happy doing anything besides the nothing we've been doing forever!!! SaintRose, I know this wait is hard for you. I'm hoping they can get some answers for you, and that it's an easy fix!!! We made it through Monday girls---WOOO HOOOOO! Oh yeah---I broke down and bought some opk's. It was negative tonight, but I'll test every morning for a while. It's just weird that I'm having fertile signs now. It's kind of early for me---but I'm not complaining! I think DH and I are going to hold off on BDing until tomorrow. I'm tired---good night!!!


SaintRose83 - April 3

newmommy... maybe it was neg, because you ovulated already?? Just keep taking them, maybe you will see a positive soon.. good luck


bina - April 4

Hi ladies. Well, I got the call this morning, and 3 out of the 4 eggs fertilized. We are very excited. We have the transfer on Thursday at 8:15am. I hope they all make it and keep developing. We would only transfer two and freeze the third one. Lucky-I'm sorry your insurance doesn't cover it. I am very fortunate that ours does up to $50,000. My dh would feel the same way if it wasn't covered. You are going to get pg before that anyway! Newmommy-so glad to hear you have a plan. It feels great to be doing something. We all need to always be assertive and advocate for ourselves. Otherwise, we think back and say why didn't I do that sooner? Well, gotta go, I'm exhausted. BABYDUST!!!


newmommy - April 4

Girls, I'm totally stressing out!!!!! Our embryologist put a note in DH's chart last night, saying that "This SA is better than the last one. May still want to consider AR test to confirm sperm function." But the results still aren't in the computer!!! Meaning that they're back, but for some reason they are waiting to release the results. I looked, and DH's is the only one from that day that isn't released. So now my mind is going crazy, thinking that it must be bad news, and they are waiting until my Dr. is back on Thursday before releasing the news since they know I can see it. I've had such anxiety all day!!!! I just want to puke. I knew not to relax until the results are back, but now I'm just so scared that the news is really bad. I'm driving myself insane, and nothing will help relieve it. I just need those results!!! AND I NEED TO BE PREGNANT---AND SOON!!! This truly sucks.


Lucky717 - April 4

NEWMOMMY - The craziness of waiting!! I am sooooo sorry youhave to be going through this. What is AR? I know it's tough because your mind can wonder in all sorts of directions. Is this policy that they treat you a little differently then other external clients because you are an employee? Maybe they prefer to speak directly to you regarding the results. I am rooting for you both and hoping that they give you good news! Hang in there. I'll say an extra prayer for you and DH. Well I am up at 3am because I have nasty indigestion. So I got up and fixed some cammomile tea. I don't have any zantac in the house and already took Tums. UGH! Anyway that is all from here. Just wanted to send you a 3am hug!


newmommy - April 4

Lucky, AR is an Acrosome Reaction test. It's a much more in depth SA, and not too many places perform it. I think we're the only place on the west coast that does it!!! Anyway, it tells them much more. Most of our patients do the AR test instead of the SA, but my Dr. thought that the regular SA would be fine since I've recently been pregnant. I'm not sure why they're holding ours back. That's my only thought---that it's not good news so they prefer to wait until my Dr. is back Thursday so that she can tell me in person. :-( Thanks for the good thoughts---I need as much as I can get. I have terrible anxiety today. Ugh! Sorry you were up at 3 am!!!!


DeeD - April 4

Hey Guys...Diem...have a fabulous time in Vegas! I am jealous, although I went twice in January. i am just itch'n to go somewhere right now. St. Rose, I keep hoing those chromasomal tests come back negative. My understanding is that the only way to have a cystic baby is if BOTH parents are carriers. Hopefully that is not the case for you! Newmommy, hopefully that cyst will be gone soon. Surely everything will be okay with the SA. It was so much better than before. Keep your hopes high and don't worry until you need to. Easy to say when it isn't you huh! Here I am stressing out about the ultra sound on Monday and what it says about the viability of this pregnancy! But we are all here for you. Bina-GL tomorrow with the transfer. Hoping for sticky, sticky beans for you. Wouldn't that be great to have two sticky beans right off! Baby dust to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


TWhit116 - April 4

hey everyone..Baby good to hear from you!! Bina, Congrats on the good news!!! Good Luck with the transfer tomorroe, I'll be thinking of you!! Well Newmommy I would honestly have to say that I would be in the same boat as you, a nervouse wreck. Im a mess waiting for dh genetic test results to come back. Well Im on day 4 of the Provera, and Im a mess...I am so moody and the cramps and my back are killing me, so I know she is on her way, and im so excited for her to come!!!! im on cd 72 today!! hahaah oh well...well dh and I are off to pick up our new dishwasher...ugh I cant wait!! im so sick of doing the dishes!!!!


diem - April 4

K8, where are you? Have you tested yet? Has AF arrived? I'm soooo rooting for you right now. I'm at work and I don't have your chart saved. I'm hoping that your temps are still up there.


newmommy - April 5

Diem, I agree----K8, where are you? We need an update! Your chart still looks good! When is AF due? Bina, I'll be thinking of you tomorrow! ***tons of positive vibes for you*** TWhit, we'll go crazy together! :-) I'm glad AF is finally on her way. Sounds crazy saying that, but I know how it goes. DeeD, thanks for all of your kind thoughts. I'll send some positive vibes your way for your u/s, too! Lucky, are you feeling better! I'm sure you're probably worn out from no sleep! Baby, it's definitely nice to hear from you!!! I'm so glad all is well. Diem and SaintRose, how are you two feeling? I can't imagine your wait. :-( I have no news to report. Still no SA results. All of the doctors had a meeting all afternoon today. Then, when they came back, they were all behind closed doors in our break room, which seemed weird to me. My crazy mind is wondering what the heck is going on, and are they talking about me!?! I know that's probably completely insane, but I am going nuts not hearing anything. Tomorrow may be the day. My u/s is at 8:00 tomorrow right before I go to work. I may tell her that I saw the remark from the embryologist in our chart and am going crazy wondering what the result is. I've pretty much convinced myself that it's bad, so I just need to hear how bad so that I can deal with it. It will be a good surprise if it's all just fine. I may ask her about skipping straight to IUI if sperm is somewhat okay. *WISH ME LUCK TOMORROW!*


TWhit116 - April 5

good luck tomorrow!!!



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