The Best Mommies To Be Part 8..."March Is Our Month!!!"
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k8cherry - February 27

February brought us 3 BFP's!!!!! May March bring the rest of us BFP's!!! Hope you guys found it :-)


TWhit116 - February 27

Congrats DeeD!!! Thanks K8 for the new thread! Newmommy since we both had the spotting and the long cycles and we both take Vitex, do u think that it has something to do with it. We are only 5 days apart. Im on CD35 today. I took a hpt today just to make sure and it was - ..oh well I am so used to - results lately it doesnt bother me. My brother will be living with us officially on the 9th of April.


DeeD - February 27

K8-you aren't too far behind me...are you the next BFP? As far as symptoms go, for me I feel like I have the flu. I will start feeling achy and kind of flushed. I felt that way a couple times last week. Sunday I felt that way a couple times, by last night it was continuous. I felt just miserable. So, I tested this morning and voila! I have also be sooooo tired the last couple days. I just thought it was from shoveling all that dirt, but apparently not. I have my first ob appt Mon. Did blood test today, more on Thursday. We will see. Last time my HCG never got above 100, so I am trying to be custiously optomistic. Later girls...Baby dust!


k8cherry - February 27

DeeD - I believe Pepes is due to test right before me. She is only 2 days ahead of me. I hope your bloodwork comes back great!!! I am still waiting to hear back about my results. I usually hear back the next day. Well at least I should hear back tomorrow. What's another day. What day did you test? I am 7dpo today and I may sneak in a test on 9 or 10dpo. I have the tests to use so why not.


diem - February 27

Hola Chicas!!! I see a bfp trend here. OMG deed congrats! You must be on cloud 9 right now. I know how you feel being cautiously expecting. I'm in the same boat. I can't believe my appt is in 2 days. Oh yeah, DH said he can go!!!!! He got the ok from the cheif. Yahoooo! I'm so scared that I will be disappointed again. Ok so I went out and got some alcohol free wine today. I tried the beer last weekend and it tasted just like the real thing. Well, I can't say the same for the wine. It taste a bit too much like grape juice. i was so disappointed. I so badly wanted a real glass of wine today as work has been a nightmare. We have our state testing that started yesterday and I have been prepping crates, breaking them down, and have spend about 2 weeks now in a tiny book room YUCK! I was so bummed that the Alcohol Free wine was not the same. Oh well. Oh and another thing. I got home today and my water was shut off!!!! Dumb dh forgot to pay the bill (how many times I don't know) I paid it so I HOPE they will be back sometime tonight. DH is working......poophead! So luckily HE doesn't have to deal with this mess. UGH. Anyway, CONGRATS TO DEED! I know that pepesgirl and k8 are next !!! C'mon girls let's keep chanting.....BFP, BFP, BFP, BFP, BFP!!!!!!!!!


TWhit116 - February 27

bfp! bfp! bfp!bfp!bfp!


newmommy - February 28

K8, I clicked on this thread before I even realized you had made a new one! Well, tomorrow is the day I find out 100% if my Thursday appt is a go!!! I'm nervous, even though I think it will be okay. I hope my boss will tell me right away instead of waiting all day to tell me!!! I'm still not sure what to think about these dumb opk's. I can't tell what this morning's result was, but I definitely had ewcm this morning! Woo Hoo!!!! I tested again just now, and it's a -. I think I'm going to ask for a blood draw at my appt to make sure if I did or did not ovulate before I start provera to move things along. TWhit, I did think about the coincidence with spotting and taking the vitex. I've stuck with it, but I'm sure the doctor will have me stop it, especially if she starts me on clomid. DeeD, I can't believe you have your first OB appt. so soon! How many weeks will you be? I'd love to get in early when I'm pregnant since I'm nervous about another miscarriage, but I don't think they will see me until 8-12 weeks. The good thing is, if I get to see one of the doctors at the infertility clinic where I work, they will give me 2 early OB ultrasounds before sending me to an OB. Diem, YAY!!! I'm SO glad your DH will be able to be at your appt! I'm praying for a healthy bean with a heartbat for you!!!!! I'm ready for American Idol, anyone else???


newmommy - February 28



pepesgirl - February 28

CONGRATS DeeD!!!!!!!!!! I hope you are leading us off for BFPs to start popping up all over...I hope I am in the BFP group!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My temps keep going up more each day...and I had a brief episode of spotting last night before bed when I went to the bathroom and wiped...nothing since then....could it be implantation spotting?????????????

Oh the TWW is killing me!!!!!!!!! Today is cd24/10dpo. I have no idea when to test, and I can't deal with a - , so oh what to do.....
Newmommy, I looked at your chart, it doesn't seem to have a sustained temp's hard to tell what's fingers are crossed for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

More later, baby dust and happy spermies to you all :)


pepesgirl - February 28

Oh and thanks for the new home K8! :)


pepesgirl - February 28

Here is more of the chant...
BFP BFP BFP BFP BFP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


k8cherry - February 28

They just had on the news that eating ice cream at least twice a week can help fertility. It was a test that was done and proved it helps out in the fertility department. Ladies grab your spoons and start digging in :-)


babybaby - February 28

OMG girls!!!!!! What a great month Feb has been!!!!! Hopefully March will be even better!!!! DeeD congrats!!!!!!!!!!! That is awesome!!!! We will all be pg very close together. Diem don't worry your appt will be great and hopefully you see/hear your bean's little heart beat to calm your mind. Newmommy that is so exciting about your apptm!!!! This week we have been having lots of decisive news!! K8 and pepes you guys are the next ones for sure!!! Twit that is great about your brother, congrats!!!! Bina, it sunds like you're in great hands!!!!!!!!! That's very comforting, right? Things are going great with me. Lots of nausea, but I'm getting used to it. I'll be 8 weeks this Saturday, can you guys believe this? Sooo fast!!!! BFP, BFP guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Baby dust!!!!!!!!!


newmommy - February 28

pepesgirl, I agree---it is definitely weird this month. I know there hasn't been an o yet. I'll have to wait another day or 2 to see if this possible +opk will bring an o this time around. If not, I give up on this cycle! Actually, I already had until I started getting fertile signs again. Who knows? All I know is, it hasn't heppened yet based on my temps. They've stayed consistently low! K8, how crazy is that news??? I guess we all have an excuse now, right??? :-) Baby, I hope time will go by fast for me when I finally get pregnant---I know I'll be a wreck until at least the 12th week! BFP! BFP! BFP! BFP! BFP!


k8cherry - February 28

Ok I am trying not to get too excited but my temps soared this morning. Now I know why they say use a basal thermometer. Now my chart looks Triphasic. Plus when I woke up this morning I felt nauseas and had af like cramps. Today is 8dpo. When do you think I should test? Plus I have been so nasty lately. Everything just seems to tick me off. I feel so bad for dh.


DeeD - February 28

Thanks for the congrats everyone! What a great group of ladies. Newmommy, I have this fabulous doctor who just really cares about his patients. When I called yesterday to tell them I was preggo he immediatley called in a RX for progesterone, did the blood work, set up more blood work for Tursday and set up my appt for next week to "chat" and make sure things are going well. I have had 3 miscarriages and half a dozen he is usually very on top of things with me. I am grateful to have sucha great doc! I drive 1 1/2 hours ONE WAY to see him! I am at best only 4-5 weeks. So, just barely, barley prego. Diem, so glad dh can go. That will be so much relief to you and it will all go well. Newmommy, if you aren't ovulating, clomid sure can help. I don't ovulate on my own so my temps never go up. This was my first round of clomid since the mc and it worked. I was only on 50mg days 3-7. Hopefully it is a sticky little one. Pepes, sounds promising. We are all waiting with baited breath! K8, sounds really good too. I would persoanlly wait till about 12dpo....more chance for a test to be acurate although I have heard of people testing at just 8 or 9 dpo! I am hoping for you!!! Talk at you guys later. Baby dust!


k8cherry - February 28

Well the nurse called and I did o again this cycle. My levels were lower this ycle tho 27.2. My doctor wants me to continue on the 50mg of clomid because I am ovulating on it. I just hope this is it and I don't have to take any more medicine. I would be very surprised it I don't see a BFP. I mean how much more bding can I do. Poor dh is spent by the fourth day in a row. I guess I just continue to way.



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