The Best Mommies to Be Part 10....May this month Bring BFPS!
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k8cherry - May 7

May, May bring us all that BFP's and true happiness :-) I love you guys and thank you all for the great support. I don't know how I would have gotten through all this without you guys!!!! We will be mommies soon enough and our babies will be so loved :-)


SaintRose83 - May 7

Hey girls... how is everyone. I hope no one is mad that I disappeared for awile. Things have been difficult lately with the 3rd mc. I went to my cousins Baby shower and that was hard, so I left early. I was thinking about you k8, because I know that you had one to go to around the same time as me. Our genetic testing came back normal for my husband and I, so as most people with infertility and repeat mc, they don't know whats causing it. I was so depressed that I skipped a month of Cloimd, I just didn't want to be dissapointed again. So maybe I will take another round next time AF comes. Right now, im hitting the gym and trying to work out to feel better, it seems to be helping take my mind off of things. I have been reading the posts on and off to see how everyone was doing. I hope this month is better for us all.


babybaby - May 7

Hi guys, how is everyone doing? k8 I know exactly how you're feeling. I had soooo much hope on my 1st IUI especially because Cheri said that it would work 1st try. Well, it didn't, but it worked on the 2nd one. I am 17 1/2 weeks and am having a little GIRL!!!!!! Everything is great, she is all perfect! I'm very happy and can't believe that this has finally happened. Don't give up guys. No matter how hard things get don't give up, because once you get pg and is assured that things are safe and healthy you'll forget all about the difficulties, sadness, tears and despair that you felt before. I promisse you! Hope everyone is well and feeling strong. Take care!!!


newmommy - May 7

Girls, I just want to cry. I feel like this cycle was a total waste. Why oh why did I have to get so sick???? DH and I haven't been able to BD since Friday, the night before my trigger shot. We tried last night and this morning. Just wasn't working. By tonight, it'll probably be too late. My temps this morning didn't show ovulation yet, so we'll try just in case. But I have little hope for this cycle. It's just one thing after another for me. It's so frustrating to know that I didn't even get to try for a shot at a BFP this month. I think I'll ask for an IUI next month, just to be sure that the swimmers get to where they need to be. The pressure is taking a toll on DH too. He knows how much I want this. Yes, my hCG was Novirel. SaintRose, it's so nice to hear from you again. We're always here for you! I'm so glad you are feeling a bit better. Baby, congrats on your little girl! It's so nice of you not to forget about us!!! Okay, now that I'm feeling a bit better, I'm starving!!! I'll check in with everyone later. You guys are the best, and I love you all!!!!


diem - May 7

Found you guys!!!! SaintRose, are you going for any testing??? I just got back from the doc's. Since my clotting is "normal" she is suggesting genetic testing and HSG. I have an appt for HSG testing. I guess they want to look at my uterine cavity and tubes to see if everything is normal. She said that ultrasounds can't pick these things up. She gave me a referral to a genetic counselor and they will call me when I can get in. Could be a month or so. She said that they aren't coding things as "fertility or infertility" so my insurance should cover it which is GREAT news! Baby, it's good to hear that things are going well. Congrats on your girl. I am very jealous. Newmommy, I'm so sorry that you are feeling down. We all know how much desire you have for a little one. You will get him/her someday. It's hard to keep faith...I know! I ask god daily why he gave me my babies and then took them away. (((((HUGS))))) we all deserve babies. Can you guys believe that it is practically mid MAY???


pepesgirl - May 7

Found you all! I hope May brings BFPs and lots of +++ things to us all. I'll check back in later. :)


Lucky717 - May 8

Hi Ladies! It's great to hear from everyone. ### Newmommy### I am so sorry this cycle hasn't gone as you planned. What a disappointment. I know how much you were wanting this. I think it's great that you are open to IUI. So sorry you felt so bad with the throw ups. I absolutely hate throwing up. ### Diem## That is great that your Doc isn't coding things as infertility. I am praying that you get answers. Best of luck with the genetic counselor. Keep us all posted girl.### BabyBaby--Congrats on the little girl. Seriously it's great news! I can't say that I'm not envious because I so am. However you were once on the side of the fence and truely understand how it feels. Good luck with things. I would love to be in your shoes and pray to someday be that lucky. ### Pepesgrl ### Great to hear from you. We missed you. Promise to keep in touch with us, ok?### Bina### How are you? It's almost time for your next cycle to start right??? I am so wanting you to have a BFP. I am praying for sticky lining for you to grab those eggs transfered back so they'll implant right. ###K8### Are you feeling ok? Are you making plans for the next cycle? My thoughts are with you. ## SaintRose### Glad you joined us again. I understand completely with the depression aspect. I fight it daily and take meds for it too. Working out is sooo good for you. Keep those good endorphins going. My prayers are with you. ##### TO ALL THE LADIES ON THIS THREAD### We are sooo brave to face these challenges each month. This is ugly stuff that we are dealing with and together we've united to help one another find a way to keep putting one foot in front of the other and keep moving forward. You are my angels and I am so grateful for finding this thread.


pepesgirl - May 8

Lucky: I promise :) I am not going ladies are the best!!!!!


k8cherry - May 8

Hey guys!!! Man work has been crazy!!! Dh yelled at me this morning to stop temping and to just relax this cycle. So I am going to break the habit of taking my temp in the morning and just count on the OPK's and my u/s. I will either have the iui on 5/19 or 5/20. Dh doesn't want to have to do it himself at the office. He wants me to ask the nurse if he can do the condom method there. I told him I don't think so. We would have to do that at home then hall ass to the hospital. I just so happy he will get to be with me during everything this time. I told him the baby wants him there and thats why it didn't work the first time. Since it will be the weekend I can go home and lay down the rest of the day. So glad everyone found the new thread. Time to head home. I will write more when I get home.


Lucky717 - May 8

Hi Girls-- CD 28 is quickly approaching!! I am looking forward to it so we can get on with IVF. Tomorrow I am having my final interview and praying I get the job. I need to make this change. I work for a good old boys company right now. I'm soooo frickin sick of it!!!!! They SUCK!!!!! I I'm hoping to bring a coworker with me and then that would leave them high and dry!!! How wild is that. Don't mess with the bull or you might get the horns. ha ha! I used to love that saying. Anyway off to fix dinner. I'll pop in later.


TWhit116 - May 9

hey all, AF showed today as I expected since Im on BCP!!!!! Well now that we cant see the doctor I dont know what to do next. I dont ovulate and my eggs aren't growing, ok fine so then what the heck can I do naturally, any helpful hints. well my poor pug got af today too!! haha how funny, this is her second heat so she will be going in to get fixed soon. Im picking up my brother tomorrow!!!! woo hoo . Well if anyone has any suggestions on how I can become fertile i would be more then happy to take them because I feel like im taking a giant leap BACKWARDS!! ahhhh


newmommy - May 9

Well, I found out why I was so sick this weekend. Apparently, we had some type of food poisoning from our Cinco de Mayo potluck Friday. There were 11 people out sick yesterday (and we only have about 20 people in our office!) including 2 out of 3 of our doctors, plus a few others that stuck it out at work yesterday. Ay yay yay!!! My doctor said that Friday and Monday BDing was probably okay. So I guess I'm in the 2ww!!! I'm starting on the pineapple tonight! It's hard not to still have some hope, but I just have a feeling it's not going to be this cycle. Diem, good luck on your HSG! I want them to find some answers for you!!! Lucky, good luck on the job interview!!! Everything will fall into place for you, I just know it. I'm excited for you to get going on your IVF, too! K8, I've thought about stopping temping for a month, too. I'm being monitored pretty closely, so I don't really need to do it---but it's nice to see that rise so I know I o'd!!! I think it could be good for me---or I'd just stress even more because I wouldn't know!!! :-) Good luck on your next IUI---I hope this is it for you! And I definitely agree---I don't want any part of "collecting the sample" in the office!!! (And just a word of warning---the condoms you have to use NOT fun!) TWhit, I'm so sorry you're having a rough time now!!! Can you call your doctor's office and just ask what your next steps are? Maybe they can work something out with you, and not have to see you right away but still get you started? Are you positive your insurance isn't paying??? Did you get a reason from them---didn't they pay for the rest of the stuff? I want you to be able to move forward!!! So, are you done with the bc pills now, or do you have one more month? If you're done, then BD often, and maybe try the opk's too. Maybe the pills reset your body for a little bit, and you could possibly o on your own--so go for it just in case!!!! Just because you don't o on your own regularly doesn't mean you don't o at all! Call your doc's office and talk to one of the nurses and see how they can help you though!!!!


TWhit116 - May 9

My doctors said they wont do anything unless they can monitor me with ultrasounds and so on, she gave me a rough estimate and said for each cycle it would be about 1200.00 which is crazy to me. I asked about what I can do next and she told me about a doctor but out insurance wont cover them either because he deals with natural meds.My doctor said I have never ovulated and without help I never will because of PCOS. My insurance said once I am diagnosed "INFERTILE:" they don't cover me. Ok so she is going over the list and telling me they will cover someone to have an abortion but they aren't willing to cover me to have a baby!!!! ahhh so I dont know what I can do . so are you feeling better newmommy?


Lucky717 - May 10

Hi! Hope everyone is well tonight. I am well. Today is CD 25. I can't believe how fast it goes by when you aren't concentrating on it. Today my final interview went well and I am scheduled to speak with the Senior VP of the firm tomorrow morning @ 10 am. I am hoping that I receive an offer. My fingers are crossed. That would mean I could give my two week notice next week!!! YAY!


bina - May 10

Hi Guys. Found the new thread. Hopefully it will bring us some luck. I need some hope and good news. Started my shots tonight. I'll probably find out 6 weeks from today. I'm going to try not to think negative thoughts no matter how hard it is. Hope everyone is doing well. I will write more tomorrow!


Lucky717 - May 10

Hi Bina!! Congrats on starting your shots!! Are you doing a FET or a regular IVF cycle? I am thinking of you. If you really want to not think about things switch jobs in the middle of all this. It will make the time fly! Just kidding. I seriously never planned on doing this it just kinda came to me. So I am embracing it. I'll keep everyone posted.


k8cherry - May 10

Hey guys!!! Cd 5 today. It has been so nice not temping in the morning. I can't wait until next weekend. My 2nd iui should be then. I hope it works this time around. How is everyone? Baby - I can't believe you are 17 1/2 weeks already and know the sex. Congrats on the little girl. I hope the 2nd time works for me too. I am so taking it easy next weekend. I am not doing anything but laying down and relaxing. SaintRose - Good to hear from you. The baby shower was tough but thank god I had the iui the friday before so that helped a little bit. Now the baby will be here any day. I know that will be tough but I just need to stay positive. Newmommy - You got a bd in on your o day so keep your fingers crossed. If this cycle doesn't work will you do iui next cycle. How is the clomid? It helped get you to o sooner. Yeah!! Diem - Good luck with the hsg. If this cycle doesn't work I will have to do that again. This time they will give me pain killers through an iv incase there is a blockage they will try to push out whatever is blocking. I just hope it doesn't come to that. Lucky - I am doing great. Ready for my next iui for next weekend. Good luck with the new job. I hope you get it. Good luck with the ivf next cycle. I hope it works the first time for you. TWhit - Insurance companies are such scams. You should move to CT. This state is so expensive to live in but they really look out for us here in CT. In 2005 they made it a mandate that insurance companies need to cover 100% of the first 3 cycles up to $50,000 for infertility. I am very thankful that I am still covered under my dads insurance as well as mine. Both companies are part of the mandate. Every state should have it. Its just not fair. Is there anyway they can prescribe you clomid to help ovulate? I never had u/s done while on it just b/w. I don't see why your doctor couldn't do that. I hope everything works out for you. Bina good luck with this ivf. Looks like we will find out around the same time. I guess I should work. ~~~~~LOTS OF STICKY BABY DUST~~~~~~



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