The Best Future Moms Part Deaux
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diem - October 2

I really like the whole "best future moms" thing!
You know we WILL be the best moms because we want it sooooo bad. Our children will be so LOVED....and Spoiled LOL. Think about all of the children born to parents that don't want them......then think about how MUCH we will be able to provide for our little angel's!!!!!

WE ARE THE BEST FUTURE MOM'S.....soon to be the BEST MOMS!!!! :)


diem - October 2

Hope you found the new post!


k8cherry - October 2

Diem - I found it. I love the Part Deaux. We will make Great Moms!!!!! I am off to get some bding in before Prision Break starts. Want to get that BFP at the end of the cycle. We need Lots of Baby Dust in this thread so we can turn things around.~~~~~~~~~~Baby Dust~~~~~~~~~


newmommy - October 3

Hello, ladies! I just got home from our racing weekend. I'm glad to be home, and tired! I'm not sure what to think about my cycle. I spotted lightly until today; now it's full force, with cramps to match. So if I count the first day I spotted, I'm on cd4, and exactly the same number of days after "o" as last cycle. If today should be my cd1, then my cycle was 43 days, and 2 more days after "o" then last cycle. What do you girls think I should count as cd1???? I had a bit of a rough weekend, but I've resigned myself to accepting that I'm not pregnant. When I told my DH that AF was here and that there was no baby this month, he said "You're not going to be sad all weekend, are you?" I was so mad and hurt about it all weekend. I finally told him today how much that hurt me, and he later hugged me and said that he was sorry. He just didn't want to see me all upset because he didn't know what to do for me. All I wanted was a little acknowledgement that I was upset and had a reason to be, and that he was on my side. *sigh* This sucks. And since I don't "o" until 4 WEEKS, I have a lot of waiting to do. Long cycles suck!!!! I figured out this weekend that I only "o" 9-10 times a year, where most people "o" 12-13 times a year. Bad odds.


newmommy - October 3

Sorry to ramble so long just about myself!!! DIEM---So sorry about AF. I'm glad that your BBQ went pretty good. My DH talked to his friend today; he and his wife found out they were pregnant at the same time we did. She's due to give birth any minute now. :-( LUCKY---welcome back!!! I'm glad your break went so well for you! K8---sounds like you had an excellent weekend, also! ROXY and JERSEY---still rootin' for ya for the BFP! Wouldn't 2 at once be SO cool??? HARRIET---WELCOME!!!! I've also found opk's to be the most helpful, along with paying attention to cm. I have the Clearblue monitor, but I'm still struggling with it; not sure if it's been worth my $$$ so far. I haven't been temping yet. I may start next cycle. Good luck!


roxy01 - October 3

Hi all!! Great to have a new thread. Diem...I hope af doesn't show, but at least you're prepared to be let down if it does. K8, all the best this cycle! Newmommy...I hope this next cycle is more normal for you. We do need some BFPs around here! xxx


Harriet - October 3

Yay, found the thread! Thanks Diem, I totally agree that we will be fantastic mothers when it happens. K8, I thought that was so funny that you need to get in some bding before Prison Break, i've never watched it but my dad & my sister are avid fans - the phone is off the hook, no interruptions when it's on.
newmommy, hi, i think you're meant to count your cycle from the first day of full flow, but i'm sure someone else can confirm. I'm sorry you got your af, esp as Dh's friends are about to have their baby, that sucks. It's ok to 'ramble' by the way, isn't that the point of these forums?
I don't know if I can get any opks for my next cycle. I'm in S Korea & don't really know where to find all that stuff - the pharmacy doesn't sell it. Dh is going for a job interview tomorrow til fri, in Dubai, so if he takes that job we'll pop back to the UK 1st (which is where i'm from - he's from NZ). But if we move to Dubai it'll be the end of Oct & I can stock up on everything in the UK first. So until then i'll just observe cm & temps -if i can find a thermometer. Ha ha, who's rambling now?


roxy01 - October 3

Welcome to you Harriet. We all love the support we get here and hope we can help you too!! Dubai??? How exciting- great shopping! xxxx


diem - October 3

Hmmm. I woke up this morning with another high temp. Very strange. No AF! I will bring tampons to work just in case. I wish I would've tested. I will test tomorrow if she doesn't show today. At least I made it to 11 DPO. When I first started charting I had a 9 day luteal phase. I don't really know what mine was before that. It has been different ever since. I'm still convinced that the nasty lady will show her face today sometime. I don't FEEL pg the slightest bit.


JerseyGirl - October 3

Hi girls! Welcome HARRIET! My DH & I love Prison Break too!!!! Anyway, I've been offline since Sunday morning because of my holiday but now I'm back. I've missed so much! Nothing new with me.... just waiting. Two more days until I (should) start spotting. Hopefully I won't. Although I haven't felt any different than past cycles, which leads me to believe I'm not PG. I know, I know, some women feel nothing at first. But we shall see! DIEM: Keep me updated on what's going on. I'm still gonna hold off on testing! Lemme know if you're on board!


diem - October 3

My DH LOVES prison break too LOL. I am usually in bed by then 'cause I have to wake at 5 am. This past week I have automatically woke at 4:45 or 4:30. What gives???? That is WAAAAY to early in my book. But I have to take my temp. Anyway AF still hasn't arrived. Hmmmm. Maybe tomorrow? But my temp jumped this morning so it's weird. I'm still convinced she is comming. She's just teasing me is all LOL! At least I am 11 DPO. Good enough time for implantation. Soooo looking forward to my 1 year anniversary coming Oct 28th. We are going to N.Y. to celebrate. We have tickets to see "Wicked" can't wait!!!! Fake purses and watches here I come LOL!!!!
JERSEY>>>>>I'm holding out....hopefully still in the running.....How are you doing? Still plan on testing this weekend? I will wait until Friday (or try to!!) Roxy, good to hear from you!!! Where are you at in your cycle? Harriet what does your DH do for a living???? My DH is a firefighter and works 24 hour shifts every 3 days. I hate when he works on my O day....but have to deal with it.
If AF shows, I assured DH that we won't bd until the week of O. He says his injury is all healed:) LOL I guess we've been bding too much (go figure.....used to never get a complaint Ha Ha HA HAAAA!!!


Lucky717 - October 3

Hi Girls! I am on cd21 and we are bding again tonight. I am hoping that the HSG test opened things up. The radiologist told me that it has a tendency to do that and there is an increased chance of conceiving the first three months after the procedure. I am trying to stay stress free and optimistic.

I am bloated and feel pretty tired. No sore bb's yet though. My best friend is getting ready to deliver this month. I am trying to be happy for them. It's so hard girls. I know you all know exactly what I am talking about.

Diem - NY is so much fun! I have heard fantastic things about Wicked! Go to Chinatown for knockoffs. They rock down there! I have a fake Burberry bag but splurged this past week and bought a real Coach bag, of course from the outlet! I hope you and DH have an amazing time in the city that never sleeps. Maybe you'll come home with a little souvenir! =)

Newmommy how are you feeling? I hope you are getting over your cold. When are you officially moving?

Welcome Hariet! Glad you can join us.

Sending lots of sticky baby dust!!!


diem - October 3

Lucky....I already have fake Christian Dior and Prada :-)
I also own a fake rolex!!! You should see the students faces at my school when they see me with them....Funny LOL!
They must think my DH is rich ....HA HA HA


newmommy - October 4

Hi, girls. I've kicked the cold for the most part. The annoying throat scratchiness is still there, but I feel fine. The monster cramps are gone today, too. I think that I'm going to keep my first spotting day as cd1. Since my cycles are so long, maybe I'll actually get a +"o" this month on the monitor! But I'll keep in mind the extra 3 days if the days seem off. The movers come tomorrow to pack up the house, and then load up Thurs. and move to Seattle Friday. I have to work Friday, so I'll head over there after work. I have to get all of my stuff set aside tonight that I don't want packed since I'll still be staying here (my parent's house, actually) until our house rents out. DH is excited because it's now MY turn to travel every weekend, going over there, instead of him coming over here most weekends. K8---I had to laugh about the Prison Break comment, too! I could just imagine: "could you hurry up!!! We only have 5 more minutes!!!" :-) HARRIET---I'm curious what your DH does, also. I'm not brave enough to wander too far from home!!! I hope you're able to track down some opk's!!!


JerseyGirl - October 4

Good evening, my friends! DIEM: I'll be in NYC on Oct. 28th too!! It's my 31st birthday and also the day of my puppy's audition for "America's Cutest Puppy." We'll be staying overnight at my brother and sis-in-law's apartment (the pregnant one who's due in about 8 weeks). Also, my DH & I saw "Wicked" for our 1st anniversary back in March '05!! We both got each other tickets for it and didn't know it until we each opened our envelopes. Luckily, they were just IOUs and not real tickets, so we chose a day and went. As for testing, I have to wait to see if I start spotting on the 5th. If I don't, I'm still going to wait until the 8th, when AF is due full force. I just don't want to get a (possible) false negative. Plus, I don't feel like spending loads of $$$ on pregnancy tests. NEWMOMMY: I think you're supposed to count the day your regular flow starts as cd1... not the spotting day. ROXY and K8: How are ya??


k8cherry - October 4

Prison Break was good last night. Just upset that I have to wait 3 weeks for the next new one due to Monday Night Football. Harriet - I don't know how things work outside the US but have you tried ordering OPKs online? Ebay sells them pretty cheap and there are other sites that sell them. Just a thought. Diem - I am keeping my fingers crossed for you. Temp rise is usually a good sign. But I can understand that you don't want to get too excited. Done that one too many times. Lucky - I hear the same thing about that procedure so I am keeping my fingers crossed for you too. Newmommy - Good luck on the move. I hate moving but if we end up pregnant we will have to move to a bigger place before the baby arrives. I hope the drive isn't too bad. Listen to a lot of music. JerseyGirl - I am doing good. Trying to get in as much bding as possible before I ovulate. Ladies I have a question. I got another really Positive OPK today. What does that mean? My temp rose about .4 degrees this morning but is back up to 97.5 which is where I was at most of my cycle. Do you think I might have o'd yesterday? Or because of another really Positive OPk I will o today. I am so confused. I want to get in another bd tonight but we are so wiped from the past few days I don't know if we can get it in. I just don't want to miss my window.


JerseyGirl - October 4

K8: I'm sorry, but I know nothing about temps because I don't do it. Was your other positive OPK yesterday? If so, that happens to me: I'll get 2 days because I guess the first is when it starts and the 2nd could be before it's over. That's my guess. And even though I hate BDing only every OTHER day, I hear that's best.... not every day. Give the man a chance to build up his little swimmers :)



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