the 2ww till january 31st, wanna wait with me!???
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sunflower7180 - January 17

wating for af on jan. 31st. who wants to wait with me? you can email me if you want , i dont always get back to the forum as quickly as i would like to.
[email protected]


einfanti - January 17

I'm in the 2ww now, too. Testing jan 30. Let's suffer together!


sunflower7180 - January 18

i am having signs of pg but it could be left over from o. i am so confused this month, it is totally different this month then before. lets get over it together.


lindany - January 18

im testing on 1/31 god bless and good luck to us i did my 11th iui


Elyse - January 18

Hi ladies - I am formerly einfanti - changed my username to my name. SUnflower, what signs are you having - you did IUI on 16th, right? Lindany, you did 11 IUI's???? Did your Dr suggest IVF after a couple IUI's didn't work? I know another couple who did so many also. Usually a RE will suggest IVF after a few failed IUI's. You must be going nuts!


sunflower7180 - January 18

elyse i am not having iui's , mu hubby and i are TTC on our own yet. i am in the 2ww now until the 31, af needs to skip me this month! baby dust to all!


Elyse - January 18

I hope AF skips EVERYONE this month. How long are u ttc? What symptoms are you having? I am feeling a little crampy, eating way too much (a 1/2 bag of oreos yesterday - I never do that!), my back hurts and I am felling....very amorous, if you know what I mean.


lene - January 19

hey ladies, i'm due for testing on 1/30. YIKES!


mommylove - January 19

Hi sunflower. I like the username you picked. Thanks for starting the 2ww. Ladies, I hope this is the month for all of us. I O'd today so we'll see what happens. Baby Dust!!


Elyse - January 19

Hi Guys. Lene, I'm with you - pg test the 30th. Will you cheat and test early with hpt?


lene - January 19

elyse, i hope not? i'm already thinking about it though! BAD BAD BAD!!


lene - January 19

elyse, is feeling like a tug every now and then...a positive sign???


sunflower7180 - January 19

anybody having nay signs of a bfp?? i am and i am not having signs. well who knows i guess i;ll just have to wait till the 31st, i know i'll cheat though and test early with hpt! baby dust!!!


Elyse - January 19

Hi - I was out all day. Lene, I remember the same feeling with my 1st baby. But it was so long ago that I don't remember if it was this early on.


lene - January 19

yeah...i figured the same thing. i'm sure it's all the meds. thanks for the response. :(


Elyse - January 19

I hope it's a baby and not the meds (-: I guess I'll know in a little more than a week.



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