Testing on 8/20 anyone else?
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Amy - August 20

Hello, I am testing tomorrow morning and am hoping for a positive, but yet trying not to get my hopes up too high. Anyone else testing the same day?


Amy - August 20

Hello everyone. I tested this morning. Got a very very faint positive. The line is just enough that i can see it. So, my chances are good for a positive, right? I am so excited. showed it to hubby and he could see it too. he said it is extremely faint but he can see it. anyone else ever gotten a faint positive like that?


Cindy - August 20

CONGRATULATIONS! How many days po? YAY!


isasmom - August 20

I had a faint positive response to a verified pregnancy in February of this year so I believe that even a faint positive is accurate. My pregnancy ended in miscarriage due to hormonal problems that I have. Were you ttc naturally or were you taking any fertility meds? Best of luck to you!


Amy - August 20

Hey! Cindy, I am 11-12 dpo. I am so excited...lol. hubby wants to have a blood test done monday if at all possible instead of having to wait til the 24th to test again for sure. isasmom, we have only been ttc for now our 2nd month. no fertility no nothing. just me and him and baby dancing...lol. we went out and bought some things already...lol
we are both so excited!!!!!! Thank you girls for the luck. I will keep you posted if i get a blood test or if i have to just wait and test on the 24th again. ok? baby dust to you both!!!!!!!



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