Testing Jan 8th or 9th
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LSB - December 27

Hi. I will be testing on the 8th or 9th. Is anyone else going to be testing then and want to wait with me. I had IUIs done on the 23rd and 24th of December.


CC - December 27

Hi LSB, I'll wait it out with you. If I make it to cd 30 which is on the 9th, I will be thrilled and test then. Im on my 3rd round of Clomid, so I am not doing IUI yet, but if this month doesnt work, its where I am headed. Good luck!! We are start obsessing over signs and symptoms now..!


LSB - December 27

CC - Thanks so much for waiting it out with me! This is my 3rd round of clomid and my 2nd round of IUI. I had 3 follicles for this round. The most I have had in the past has been only one. I don't really have any symptoms. Although, I did check my cm and it was "pastey" (TMI). Don't know if that means anything, as I have never checked it before but have heard so many others are checking it. How are you doing - any signs or symptoms for you?


Tracy - December 28

Hey guys, mind if I chime in??? I'm on my first round of clomid, no IVI, and am now on cd16. I should get AF on Jan 8, so thought it would be nice to wait with others on the same schedule. I am 35 and have been TTC for over a year and have no other children. I want nothing more than for this clomid to work so I don't fall into a depression.:) I'm kidding yet I'm not!!!!! Good luck to us all.


jcr - December 28

Hi, I too am due for af around this time, I am not sure when or if I ovulated, so I am not holding my breath. If this is not my month for bfp, then I will start either femara or clomid. I am ttc #2 since m/c last April. I have pcos and tried one round of clomid with no luck in Sept. and have been using metformin, chinese herbs and acupuncture only since then. So we shall see. So here's to bfps on the 8th for all of us!!


acklyn - December 28

hi everyone, I'm also waiting! - performed 1st IUI on 24th cd16 and 5th round of 50mg clomid.
Af due on january 7th - if not beta bloodwork on 11th- hopefully af doesn't arrive.


LSB - December 28

Welcome Tracy, jcr and ackyln!! Tracy, I am 43 with no other children! DH and I have been trying on and off for 11years now!


LSB - December 28

jcr - I am sorry for your loss. Hopefully ttc #2 will be a huge success, and is just around the corner!


LSB - December 28

ackyln - I am also on 50 mg of clomid. How many follicles did you have, if you don't mind me asking? I am keeping my fingers crossed that the IUI worked for both of us!! Baby Dust (and glue) to ALL!!!!!


CC - December 28

Hi everyone..Glad to have so many to wait with! LSB, having three follicles sounds great to me! I had two w/ my 1st round of Clomid and was so excited that I thought I had double the chance. When it didnt happen, I stopped asking how many I had because I was so disapointed. I am on 100 mg's of Clomid, have been from the start. I am 32, dh is 38, and we have no children. I really am anxious this month to have the Clomid do its job so I dont have to see an RE, but at the same time, realistic since the last two rounds have been a bust. No symptoms yet, but I am sure I can find some in a few days! Good luck everyone!!


jcr - December 28

I did one round of clomid in Sept, but no luck. So I am not sure what my next step will be. I do have pcos and am taking metformin. I have a 26th month old daughter who is the light of my life. It seems like all my friends are getting pregnant, so I am hoping to get some left over baby dust soon. CC, I laughed when you said you were sure you could find some symptoms soon. Every month it seems like we find reasons to believe in our bodies! Hopefully this will be the month for all of us! Hang in there. I am LSB, it took us 6 years to have baby #1, when I finally got serious about having a baby and set up an appt with an RE, I got pg naturallly. m/c was natural also, so who knows. I hope we all wake up to a big bfp early one morning!


in NC - December 28

If y'all do not mind, I would like to wait with you. It has been a long road and now a 2ww is going to seem like forever. My story in short, I have PCOS, had m/c in July of 2004 (naturally), ectopic pregnancy and lost right tube in Spet. 2005. I am now on glucophage (metformin) and Oing on my own. I am 37 and hubby is 36 trying for #1 since 2002. Af is due between Jan. 6th-10th. Hope we all have good luck in 2006.


LSB - December 28

Welcome in NC! CC - I was very excited about having 3 follicles until I started reading other posts of women who have had even more and not ended up with a BFP. This 2ww is really getting on my last nerve. I know that it is just too early to have any symptoms, but I am analyzing EVERYTHING! Every little twinge, everytime I go pee (tmi), even a sneeze or a cough and I get to thinking "Am I". Hopefully time will pass by quickly for all of us and we end up with that BFP at the end of our wait!


CC - December 28

jcr-I laughed when you said you laughed at me saying I would be able to find some symptoms soon..It really is SOO true! LSB-I laughed at your whole post. Give me a few days and I will be there with you. I usually get that way each month and practically talk myself into being pregnant, even though it never seems to be true. The last month or so I have had a reality check and dont want to get my hopes up, because it makes the day of AF so much worse and painful. I only O'd on Christmas day, so I am really only 2-3 days dpo. Dont be discouraged about your follicles..I think having any more then 1 increases your chances..It didnt work for me and others but that doesnt mean it wont work for you! How did you get to the IUI road if you dont mind me asking? Wow, jcr 6 years for baby # 1..Congrats on your success! Welcome NC..2006 is a new year with new babies for all of us!


in NC - December 28

Thanks girls....CC, I have also done so many cycles (adding it all up, it was almost 2 years) with clomid. I went to RE and he did a couple of cycles of clomid no IUI. It wasn't until I graduated to injectables when they did IUI's with me. This is the first time I have read IUI+clomid. almost wonder if I could have done that. Clomid for me was upsetting...I had GIANT moods. Injections were very different. I got prego on 1st injection+IUI but ended in ectopic. My hope is to really get pregnant and carry this one in the correct place and to term. I too just wish for one. A chance to experience the joy each person experiences bringing a child into the world to love. Off my soap box. Again..thanks girls.


LSB - December 28

CC- after re-reading my post, I even had to laugh at myself!! But, I am so glad that I am not alone, lol!! DH and I do IUI because I am 43 and have never conceived naturally in the 11 years we have been married. (Although my cycles have only been like clockwork for about 2 years now, before that I was lucky to have AF once every other year without the help of meds! ) Our RE only gave us a 5% chance of conceiving with IUI but, he only gave us a 1/2% chance going natural. Another reason why I have my hopes up so high this time is that last month we only did one IUI, and this month we did two. And hubby's counts were 10 mil. with 98% motility and 5 mil with 90% motility. I always look at the motility for a couple of reasons. 1. If the "little soldiers" aren't marching in the right direction - then what is the point, and 2. It only takes one good one to fertilize an egg. With his counts and my follicles, if it doesn't work this month - then I may just have to say my eggs are too old - and look for other options. We were told by the RE right from the beginning that we should do IVF with donor egg - the odds for that were 70% success. But, IUI is only $250 per shot ($500 for the two) and IVF was $16,000 per cycle and we just can not afford that!


jcr - December 29

LSB, I have been seeing an acupuncturist since sept, she keeps telling me I am young (38) and she says her average patients are 42, with a very high success rate. So one never knows. Have you all been temping?? My temps are still up which is good, so far. My boobs are really sore and am feeling yucky, which I am guessing is due to the change in metformin. I WILL not read anything into it this month. YEAH RIGHT! If I can just keep from peeing on too many sticks this month think of the money I'll save! I already used 3 opk kits this month, and I have 3 hpt's just waiting by the toilet. yeesh. Baby dust to us all.



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