Testing FSH on CD21..can that be right?
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lovemy3 - January 25

hi, I am 37 and have been ttc#4 for about a year now. Went to a clinic tonight to start a process of finding out whats going on and the dr there ordered FSH, LH, TSH, Prolactin and cd21 progresterone test all to be done together on cd21 or shortly after as I don't ovulate till cd21 or cd22. i questioned his timing of the FSH for sure and he said it didn't make a difference, I think he's wrong???


Ann1 - January 26

That is not right. FSH and Estradiol (aka E2) should be done on cd3, because it is at its highest that day. In addition to having it on day 3, you should also do the Clomid Challenge Test. You get the FSH test on day 3, take clomid for 5 days, and then retest FSH on day 10. A normal test will show low (usually less than 9) on both cd3 and cd10. If your ovarian reserve is compromised, sometimes you will get a low read on cd3 (since fsh fluctuates every month), but the clomid will "expose" a falsely low reading. There is another indicator done on cd3 (with the same blood draw) called Inhibin-B that some REs do to also check the ovarian reserve. Hope this helps!


lovemy3 - January 27

Thanks Ann, I knew this guy wa a quack and threw the form out and have an appt on jan 30 with someone new.



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