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cat - January 17

hi all, my husband is ging for his SA test result tomorrow and I am so worried for us. I had bloodwork test done and they were normal, so at least we know I am ov. hisband is so stressed out and wants to go to see doc by himself then tell me the news. have been TTC for 2 and half years. What are chances of him being completley infirtile? sorry really stressed, just wanted to vent some. This site is very supportive.


einfanti - January 17

It is WAY too early to worry that he is completely infertile - that is so rare. Even if he has low fertility, there are so many treatments that work very quickly, so now is not the time to start worrying. Try to get him to let you go with him. You can promise not to say a word or to sit across the room from him, but now is also not the time to start dealing with things by yourselves. This process goes much more easily if you can let each other in and keep communication open. This group is very supportive and it really helps. But in the end, you guys really only have each other for the long run.


me - January 17

I know it may sound silly, but sometimes if you go to the dr with him adn "help" your hubby relax, things may go alot smoother for you. I agree with einfanti in that stressing until you know the facts is emotionally draining as it is. Try to relax and stay strong for each other. It takes two to tango, so even if one of you is not normal, there are ways to help conception. Good luck!


Melissa - January 17

Don't worry! There are so many advances in fertility. There is a very good chance his tests will be normal. My blood tests showed I was ovulating, my husband's test showed his swimmers were fine...but my HSG showed my tubes were blocked. If his test is normal, then have an HSG done...


dea - January 17

hi CAT: I agree with everything above. Don't sweat the test. Knowledge is power! You can always work with information. It's the unknown that will drive you nuts. All the best...



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